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Distinctly Innovative Designs

Presentation for Intro to Ad.

sumeet gaikwad

on 24 January 2016

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Transcript of Distinctly Innovative Designs

Bulls Eye Creations
Who Are We??
“Bulls eye creations” is an advertising company which promotes the new budding firms.
It is a service business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising for its clients.
It also handles overall marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions for its clients.
In this project, we will be advertising for 'Distinctly Innovative Designs'

Distinctly Innovative Designs aka D. I. Designs, is a creative agency that delivers customized products. We provide a wide range of customized products, be it mobile covers, greeting cards, company logos or posters of your favourite celebrities/characters.

Target audience
A major portion i.e. 70% of our target audience is taken up by the general public, mainly youngsters for things like greeting cards, posters and customized accessories.
Remaining 30% is taken up by the corporates designing Logo’s and other tools of IMC.

Employment opportunity
We provide employment opportunities to the young budding artists who are interested in designing and also who are well versed with designing software’s such as Photoshop, Corel Draw etc . We provide them a perfect platform to showcase their talents.
We also provide internships for better learning experiences.
Distinctly Innovative Designs
Gauri Rane A.12.58
Juiely Bhosale A.12.57
Sanjana Pendharkar A.12.52
Nishita Thaker A.12.46
Ashwini Shetty A.12.41
Sumeet Gaikwad A.12.07

SWOT Analysis
1. New concept and a wider range of target audience.
2. Only 6hrs processing time.
1. Start-up company and no brand image.
2. Limited number of outlets.
1. Not too many competitors in the market.
2. Unique concept.
3. Cheaper rates.
1. Competitors – Archies, Red Moments, Florista, Ferns and Petals.

Our Services
1. Simple Greeting cards
2. Customized greeting cards
3. Accessories
4. Customized accessories
5. Mobile covers
6. Customized mobile covers
7. Logos
9. Note Book covers
10. Stickers

Our goal is to build a brand image in the eyes of our consumers and to emerge as a successful agency by having a hold on most of the market. We aspire to achieve a positive goodwill that will sustain in the market for years to come.
We provide our customers with unique and
customized items which are made especially
for each and every one of them.

They are unique and ORIGINAL.
Promotion Tools
2. Newspaper ads
3. Website
4. Hoardings | Billboards
5. Pamphlets | Brochures
- Also, we will have tie ups with college festivals like Siesons and Frames Film Festival etc.
- We will also hold Promotional events at Art festivals like Kala Ghoda and also hold special exhibitions etc.

1. Online advertising- YouTube | Facebook | Twitter |
Pinterest etc.
The Logo
The spectacles in our logo describe the
hidden creativity beneath a person’s eye
and the exclamation mark shouts it out!
& Hoardings
Our Website
Home page of www.d.i.design.com
The Brochure
Some logos created by us
Room decoration services
On our website, YouTube, FB etc
That's all folks!
Thank you
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