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David Tennant

Biography Prezi grade7

Brielle Bauman

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of David Tennant

David Tennant David John MacDonald born April 18, 1971 born in Bathgate a post industrial Scottish town in West Lothian, located between Glasgow and Edinburgh Older sister Karen older brother Blair mom Helen, full-time housewife(deceased
July 15, 2007) dad Alexander('Sandy'
for short)minister in Church
of Scotland watched Doctor Who while 3 years old crazy about it made his gran knit him a multi-colored scarf so he could run around the garden pretending to be the Doctor penned school essay declaring one day he would play the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who Doctor Who triggered his desire to become an actor dad older sister older brother mom him first 3 years of his life with older brother and sister living in Bathgate
When 3 family moved to Paisley Renfrewshire
Spent childhood in Paisley and he was educated there as well he enjoyed talking to his friends about how he wanted to become an actor and most of all how he wanted to play his hero Doctor Who which to him was Tom Baker
When he was 9 he had an emergency surgery that left him battling for his life with appendicitis
soon after the appendix scare kids at school wondered if he may be gay but he didn't care because he already had his first kiss even after all this he didn't give up his dream when he was a teen he got beaten up at night
his attackers decided he was Goth and pounced on him
the bullies left him to make his own way home after they assaulted him
in truth his only fashion crime was wearing a bootlace tie in the style of Bono 1st educated at Ralston Primary in Paisley
2nd at Paisley Grammar School in Paisley
at Paisley Grammar he enjoyed a friendship with English teacher, Moira Robertson, she was among the 1st to realize his true potential
David remembers enduring his academic studies rather than enjoying them
at school "Loads of girls fancied him but he didn't have many Girlfriends"remembers Carol Robertson EDUCATION David has a mix of good and bad memories of school
almost certainly the worst times for him were his days spent at Paisley Grammar:"I hated school, and I hated my teenage years."
left Paisley Grammar when he was 17 and he successfully gained a place at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama where he studied for a B.A. in Dramatic Arts which covered every aspect of producing a show for TV or theatre During his 2 year course he learned all there was to know about movement, vocal projection, make-up, directing and stage management, and when he was through he would be ready and qualified to go into teaching or serious acting.
David loved the all-consuming nature of drama school
everyone who has heard of him now knows that he decided to go for the acting option David changed his name at drama school, not by choice but because he had to
there was already a David MacDonald on the equity books
almost by accident he came across his new surname:"I was on the bus looking through SMASH HITS and I saw [Pet Shop Boy]Neil Tennant.I thought it would be a good name as it's got a good number of consonants in it," he jokes.
his parents didn't agree
his mom wasn't at all happy about the name he chose, she would've much prefered if he took her father's name, McLeod, or her mother's, Blair
"But at 16," says David, "I wasn't having any of that." Birth and Family CHILDHOOD ADULTHOOD left drama school in 1991
he already grabbed himself a leading part in THE SECRET OF CROFTMORE for ITV's 'Dramarama' series
he moved onto repertory theatre, went on tour, and in between traveling the width and breadth of the Scottish Highlands, he made periodic attempts to win a part in ITV's TAGGART he never managed to achieve this goal
his first professional was as Giri the hitman in the touring production of THE RESISTABLE RISE OF ARTURO UI his 1st real breakthrough on TV was when he was 21 and filmed an episode of RAB C. NESBITT
exactly a year after filming the episode he met Arabella Weir whose youngest child is now his godchild
after he settled in London he frequently performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company(RSC)where he specialized in comic roles
At RSC he played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet by the summer of 1998 David had found himself a flat of his own in North London
Soon after he moved into his new home he left for Ireland to commence work on his first major film role for THE LAST SEPTEMBER
hung out with Johnny Depp on and off set while filming LA WITHOUT A MAP the same month CASANOVA aired in Britian David Tennant's dream came true on June 18th 2005 was his first scene playing the Doctor on Doctor Who
he is friends with Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler on Doctor Who
NEWS OF THE WORLD summed him up as being potentially the most charismatic Doctor Who ever.'
Scottish side of family
Irish side of family
Irish connection began with his grandfather Archie
Scottish connection began with his greatgrandfather Donald McLeod who was an immigrant to Glasgow from the Isle of Mull
David believes that religion must have shaped his character ACHIEVEMENTS Won Best Male Performance, Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland, for role in "Look Back in Anger" as Jimmy Porter(2005)
Won Best Actor, Theatre Management Association, for his role in "The Glass Menagerie" as Tom
Second Scots actor to be cast as the Doctor and he got to use his actual accent when he played in season 2 episode 2 of Doctor Who "Tooth and Claw" Won 2009 Critics Choice Award for Best Shakespearean Performance for his role as Hamlet in "Hamlet" for the RSC
nominated for Best Classical Actor Under 30 (2000)
Ian Charleson Award for his theatre role in "Comedy of Errors" as Antipholus of Syracuse (2000)
fulfilled his dream when he was cast as the "Tenth Doctor" for BBC (2006) Pink Paper Awards-The Sexiest Man In The Universe
RADIO TIMES Review of the Year-TV moment of the Year (Doctor Who:'Doomsday' Finale) 2006
The National Television Awards-Most Popular Actor (2006) DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE Readers Survey-Best Actor To Play the Doctor(2006)
(2007) SFX Sci Fi Awards-Sexiest Male
(2008) TV TIMES Readers Awards-Sexiest Male
(2008) Galaxy FM Awards-Hot Scot Of The Year WON NOMINATED HELLO! Magazine Poll-Most Attractive Male of 2009 it was his role as the tenth Time Lord that cemented his place in the showbiz history
he played the role of the Doctor from June 18th 2005-January 1st 2010
he was in 55 feature films
David was in 35 Theatre productions
on Radio shows 3o times
Miscellaneous audio books 19 times met Anne-Marie on the set of Vassa and dated her for 4 years
dated Sophia Myles
dated Bethan Britton from BBC South Wales a contracts assistant he met on Doctor Who set on November 2007 more or less than a month after spliting with Sophia Myles they began to see each other
less than a month after spliting with Bethan he was seeing Jennie Fava a 2nd assistant director who helped film the 4th series of Doctor Who
married actress Georgia Moffet on December 30th 2011-present
has a daughter with Georgia Olivia(Olive) born March 2011
adopted her son, Tyler, when he was 9 years old in September 2011 INTERESTING FACTS 1. Brown hair and eyes.
2. He had his 1st child with Georgia Moffet
9 months before they were married.
3. He wears black socks with hidden, toe heel,
patterns in his shoes
4. Watched his mom die after she battled for 5
years with cancer and because of this he works
for cancer charity societies.
5. He is a huge fan of Madonna.
6. Billie Piper gave him the nickname "Ten-inch".
7. David hates ice skating.
8. The weirdest place he was asked for an
autograph was when he was showering in
a gym.
9. His favorite person to play the Doctor is Tom Baker
10. David's all-time favorite band is The Proclaimers.
11. Tennant's favorite book is J.D. Salinger's immortal CATCHER IN THE RYE.
12. When he thinks of Audrey Hepburn he thinks of her as Holly Golightly in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S.
13. Ten-inch is 6'1".
14. He made his first TV appearence when he was 16.
15. David's trade marks are sideburns, being very thin, and raising his eyebrows a lot.
16. Big fan of the film director Alfred Hitchcock. On April 18th, 1971, David
was born in Bathgate Scotland. 1. 2. RALSTON Neil Tennant David Tennant on THE SECRET OF CROFTMORE-below David Tennant's
autograph Billie Piper's
autograph ROMEO David Arabella David Tennant on
CASANOVA When Ten-inch was 17 he successfully gained a place at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. In 1991 Tennant left drama school and he had already grabbed himself
a leading part THE SECRET
OF CROFTMORE. HE WAS 17 By the summer of 1998 he had a flat of his own in North London. On June 18th 2005 it was his first scene filming as the Doctor on Doctor Who. In 2006, in RADIO TIMES REVIEW he was voted hero of the year. David married Georgia Moffet on December 30th 2011 and they're still together today. Tennant's daughter was born in March of 2011 and her name is Olive. In September of 2011 David adopted Moffet's 9 year old son, Tyler. He left Doctor Who on January the 1st of 2010, sadly. David Tennant is now 41 and still acting.
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