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"colouring without seeing" by harold cohen

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Rhea El-Zakhem

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of "colouring without seeing" by harold cohen

Discussion Question
Can man-made programs be considered creative, or is the creator simply creative?

(If programs do not create art, then what is it they create?)
No visual system
Expert at what humans are experts at
Humans have
, on which they rely
Goal of the Paper
Behavior X: self-modification

Cohen describes his problem as the inability to translate what he sees on the screen to what he creates on paper

Changing the color is not truly necessary
changing the brightness
Author's opinion
"I don't regard AARON as being creative; and I won't until I see a program doing things it couldn't have done as a direct result of what I had put into it" (Cohen 1999, p. 14)
AARON is a tool or an 'assistant.'
Sees AARON as part of himself, which will die with him
"Collaborations With My Other Self" gallery
Critical Assessment
A program cannot build itself, it requires the input (and creativity) of the human

The cognitive process that humans go though is not similar to the process a program goes through

AARON is a "device for enhancing your own personal creativity" (Cohen 1999, p.14).
Background Information
Harold Cohen studied art in London.
Introduced to the concept of AI at Stanford University
Guest lecturer at UCSD then got offered to become a professor
Created AARON after asking himself "What are the minimum conditions under which a set of marks functions as an image?"
Began developing AARON in 1973
"colouring without seeing" by harold cohen
Main ideas
To find how AARON exhibits behavior X (if he does)

Emergence: does not have the "ability to act upon the significance of emergent properties" (Cohen 1999, p.13)
Awareness: is not aware of the different compositions in art
Willingness: willing to make art because he was programmed to do so
Knowledge: has expert knowledge of colour

AARON is not creative, but the person who is truly creative is Professor Cohen for creating the program.
My opinion
Cohen, H. (1999).
Colouring Without Seeing: a Problem in Machine Creativity
. p. 1-14
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