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Callum Whitton

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Olympic Legacy
Design To Move
Last year we had a fantastic summer of sport

2013 is all about creating a lasting legacy

What are you doing to be physically active?
NIKE are sponsoring this project as part of the 'Design to Move' report. This project is very unique and the only one happening in the country!

3 Coaches

6 Schools: ArchBushop Sumner, Walnut Tree, Vauxhall, Johanna, Henry-Fawcett, St Marks
MOVE IT - The Project
For 10 years the DesignToMove team have been researching the physical activity levels of children all around the world

the results are shocking and action needs to be taken

Designed to Move has 2 aims:
1. To help create early positive experiences for children
2. To Intergrate physical activity into everyday life.
Everyone needs to be physically active to live longer, healthier and happier lives

36% of children in year 6 in Lambeth schools are overweight and physically inactive. 5% higher than the national average
Are you Physically Active?
In Groups of 3 or 4 I want you to write down what you are currently doing to be physically active.

Weather it is at home, during school, after school or on the weekends,

Examples: walking to/from school
afterschool club
Going to the park
sports clubs

What We Do..
Physical Education
FUNdamentalmovement skills
Asessment Time!
Get Active! Free After School Sessions!
School Games Competitions
Afterschool Club
As part of the project we offer free afterschool activies to year 5 and 6 which take place everyday at the old lillian baylis site.
Every time you attend a session you get 1 stamp, when you collect 10 stamps you get a free T-shirt and other goodies.
Why is it important to be active?
All of these sessions are taking place at your schools to help keep you guys moving!
Starting next week every child will be getting assessed during their PE lessons. We will be using the CREATE WHEEL.
You will be able to look at your wheel online to keep track of your progress!
You can compare wheels, see photo evidence and read my comments.
Our Vision
To create early positive experiences for children
A generation that enjoys positive experiences in physical education, sports and physical activity early in life has the chance to shape the new future
You are that generation!
You can help shape the future!
Why do you think assesment is important?
Did you know?
This year, 5.3 million deaths will be attributed to physical inactivity. Smoking is responsible for 5 million deaths per year.
Children in the UK are 50% less active at the age of 15 than they were at age 9
Inactive kids score up to 40 % lower on achievement tests than their active friends.
Today, sports, physical activity and physical education are seen as optional or extra-curricular, rather than the powerful investments that they are.
You will be getting assessed in 4 different areas!
Give the world a reason to dance
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