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Volcanoes SWJCS

No description

Conner Geerts

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Volcanoes SWJCS

Magma is the stuff that inside volcanoes it's mixed with lava.
The eruption is big. It's like lava quickly comes out of the volcano and then it flows to the side of the volcano.
Under water volcanoes are cool they erupt under water.
Lava is the stuff that goes with the magma in the volcanoes.
The out volcano side of a is called lava rock it helps the lava and magma stay inside the volcano.
How many volcanoes?
There are 1500 potentially active volcanoes world wide.
If you think there is a right amount of lava in a volcano well if so your wrong lava can be lots of temperatures.

Underground volcanoes are the same but underground.
By: Conner Geerts

The Eruption.
Under water volcanoes.

The rock of the volcanoes.
How hot is lava?
Underground volcanoes.
Here is a video.
SWJCS Star Productions In 2015

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