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Kat Ventura

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of FM STATIONS II


Tallow, Faye
Tinio, Hans
Ventura, Katrina

Branding: 98.7 The Master's Touch

Slogan: "Delighting in the works of masters & the finished Work of the Master."

Radio Format: Classical music and compatible genres with Scripture precept programs, donor supported, non-commercial

Owner: Far East Broadcasting Company

Owner: ABS-CBN Corporation

Location: ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Sgt. Esguerra Ave., Corner Mo. Ignacia St., Diliman, Quezon City

Transmitter’s Location: Eugenio Lopez Center, Barangay Sta. Cruz, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City, Rizal

Sound: OPM, Hip-hop, R&B, K-pop, J-pop

Station: DWRR 101.9 (RR-Radio Romance)

Branding: 101.9 My Only Radio For Life

Slogan: For Life!

Short History:
DZYL-FM 102, later named DZYK-FM 102.1, is the first FM station of the former Chronicle Broadcasting Network (CBN). DZYK-FM was originally founded in 1956 and played oldies music of the 1960s and 1970s.

• Knock Out Radio 101.9 DWKO-FM (1986–1987)
After the fall of Marcos.

• Zoo FM 101.9 (1987–1989)
On March 1, 1987, the station reformatted and became known as Zoo FM 101.9 (DZOO-FM) Hayop Talaga!

• 101.9 Radio Romance (1989–1996)
It reformatted again and this time it became popularly known as 101.9 Radio Romance, hence the initials RR, playing all easy-listening love songs, manned by all-female jocks (fewer male jocks are also added).

• WRR 101.9 All the Hits, All the Time! and WRR 101.9 For Life! (1996–2005)
Mainstream pop music station branded WRR 101.9 All the Hits, All the Time! in response to growing trend of "masa" radio or FM radio for the masses launched by 102.7 Star FM a year earlier.

• Alam Mo Na Yan! 101.9 For Life! (2005–2008)
In 2005, DWRR-FM's on-air personalities had dropped the station call letters (WRR) and would just say Alam Mo Na 'Yan! 101.9 For Life! lasting from 2005 to 2008.

• Bespren! 101.9 For Life! (2008–2009)

Tambayan 101.9 (2009–2013)
Tambayan 101.9 launched its video streaming called Tambayan TV where your favorite jocks are seen live from the booth.

• MOR 101.9 My Only Radio For Life! (2013–present)
The rebranding of this station now creates a unified brand for ABS-CBN's FM radio stations nationwide, which are under the MOR station brand. This also reverts the slogan of the station's second incarnation of "For Life" which was first used during the WRR 101.9 For Life! era.


Monday to Friday
• MORning Pinas – 5am-9am
• Ready, Get MORe! – 9am-12nn
• Dear MOR – 12nn-2pm
• Happy Happy Hapon – 2pm-5pm
• My Only Request – 5pm-9pm
• Heartbeats with Chacha Babes – 9pm-12mn
• Dear MOR Weekend (replay) – Monday and Tuesday, 12mn-2am
• Dear MOR (replay) – Wednesday and Thursday, 12mn-2am

• All Time Favorites – 5am-11am
• MOR BigaTEN – 11am-12nn
• Dear MOR Weekend – 12nn-2pm
• Sayabnadabadoo – 2pm-5pm
• MOR Live – 5pm-8pm
• Heartbeats with Reggie V – 8pm-12mn
• Dear MOR (replay) – 12mn-2am

• All Time Favorites – 5am-12nn
• Dear MOR Weekend – 12nn-2pm
• MOR Pinoy Hits – 2pm-6pm
• Very Very Nice – 6pm-8pm
• Heartbeats with Reggie V – 8pm-12mn

Badji Mortiz
Baby Girl Jasmin
Chacha Babes
Station: DWSM 102.7 (SM – Star Manila)

Station Name: 102.7 Star FM

Slogan: Like Mo, Share Mo!

Owner: Bombo Radyo Philippines

Location: Unit D, 18th floor, Strata 2000 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Transmitter’s Location: Unit D, 18th floor, Strata 2000 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Sound: OPM, News, Pop

Short History:

WXB 102 (1970s–1987)
102.7 Star FM started out as WXB Magic Disco during the 1970s, and reformatted as Cute 102, playing the American Top Forty format. It then rebranded in 1983 as WXB 102.

The Gentle Wind 102.7 (1987–1994)
The callsign as DWSM was started.

• 102.7 Star FM (1994–present)
Bombo Radyo Network rebranded the station as 102.7 Star FM in 1994. The new format played OPM songs, along with foreign songs and news

Monday to Saturday
• It’s All For You Early Morning – 12mn-4am
• Pinoy Morning Na – 4am-6am
• Morning Stars Sweep (with 30-minute news program as Bombo Network News Morning Edition) – 6am-9am
• It's All For You in the Morning – 9am-11am
• Star Musikainan (with 30-minute news program as Bombo Network News Noontime Edition) – 11am-1pm
• It's All For You in the Afternoon- 1pm -3pm
• Afternoon Stars Sweep – 3pm-6pm
• Evening Stars Sweep (with 30-minute news program as Bombo Network News Evening Edition) – 6pm-9pm
• It's All For You in the Evening – 9pm-12mn

• Never on Sunday – 4am-9am
• Sunday Disco Flashback – 9am-12pm
• Superstar Sunday – 12pm-2pm
• Pinoy Memories – 2pm-4pm
• Mellow Rock Sunday – 4pm-6pm
• Starrific Sunday Mix – 6pm-9pm
• It's All For You in the Evening – 9pm-12mn
• 12mn - 4 am / Sign Off

Wowie Taylor
Private Ryan
John Marino
Station: DWKX 103.5

Station Name: 103.5 K-Lite FM

Slogan: Metro Manila’s Official Take Me Back Station

Owner: Advanced Media Broadcasting System, Inc

Location: Unit 906A, Paragon Plaza Building, EDSA corner Reliance street, Mandaluyong City.

Transmitter’s Location: Unit 906A, Paragon Plaza Building, EDSA corner Reliance street, Mandaluyong City.

Sound: Adult Contemporary

Short History:

• 103.5 K-Lite (1995 – 2007)
It was known as the first iteration of 103.5 K-Lite from October 23, 1995 – November 30, 2006..

• Heart 103.5 (2007)
On New Year's Day 2007, it was relaunched as Heart 1035 with an easy listening format, and new on-air personalities.

• 103.5 Max FM (2007-2010)
Read as one-oh-three and a half. By 2009, they switched directions to Top 40/Dance

• 103.5 Wow FM (2010-2013)
The station shifted from a high-end format to a "pang-masa" format.

• 103.5 K-Lite (2013-present)
On July 22, 2013, 103.5 was relaunched as the second iteration of 103.5 K-Lite, reverting to its new hot adult contemporary format and changed its slogan to Metro Manila's Official Take Me Back Station as its playlist now focuses on playing the classic hits from the 1990s and early-to-mid 2000s, minus the current songs.


Monday to Friday
• Jumpstart – 6am-9am
• The Ride – 9am-12nn
• Afternoon Delight – 12nn-3pm
• Happy Hour 3om-6pm
• The Drive – 6pm-9pm
• Lite Nite – 9pm-12mn

• Wake Up Weekend – 6am-10am
• All Music Sweep – 10am-12mn

Trish Cabral
Scarlet/• Menchu Antigua-Macapagal
Georgia Cotaoca
Station: DWBR 104.3 (BR – Business Radio)

Station Name: 104.3 Business Radio

Slogan: Music and Talk, Nice and Easy / Your Music and Information Radio

Owner: Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Location: Philippine Information Agency Building, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

Transmitter’s Location: Philippine Information Agency Building, Visayas Avenue, Quezon City.

Sound: Business, Talks, OPM

Short History:

• DWIM (1979)
Serving music and news daily from 5 AM to midnight.

• DWBR (1986 - present)
It became DWBR in 1986, after the People Power Revolution


• 3 Major 15 minute newscasts at 7am, 12noon and 7pm
• At the top of every hour other than the mentioned hours, there is a 5-minute news bulletin, which includes business reports around the times when the Philippine Stock Exchange is open.
• Broadcasters’ Bureau
• Metro Rhythms
• Health Plus
• Insuranse For All
• OPM: Only Pilipino Melodies
• The Other Office
• Make My Day
• Musical Souvenirs
• Twin Plus

-Bon Vibar
-Cheryl Buenaviste-Ayuste
-Maju Ramos
-Rouella Santos

Studio Location: 46th Floor One Corporate Center Doña Julia Vargas cor. Meralco Avenue Pasig City 1605, NCR Philippines

Transmitter Location: 46th Floor One Corporate Center Doña Julia Vargas cor. Meralco Avenue Pasig City 1605, NCR Philippines


1948: DZFE was established by American missionaries from the Far East Broadcasting Company

first directed towards China

1954: FEBC took a government bid for the establishment of a classical music station
1 June 1954: first DZFE broadcast; signing on at 6PM and signing off at 8 PM

1970s: DZFE continued to be associated itself to classical music in the FM band

1997: DZFE transferred out of the FEBC Compound in Karuhatan, Valenzuela by setting up its office and studio in Makati City.

2003: Due to financial crisis, broadcast was reduced to 40%

2005: Transferred its transmitter to a leased site in Antipolo

2006: broadcast for 10 hours

2008: broadcast for 18 hours, 6 days a week

2010: weekly, 18 hours

July 2012: Relocated its DZFE office, studio and transmitting facilities at Ortigas Center, Pasig City

July 2: it started broadcasting in its new location

June 2013: DZFE's broadcast had its online streaming

September 2013: broadcast for 21 hours daily

Branding: 99.5 Play FM

Slogan: The Hits All Day!

Radio Format: Top 40, Pop, not a talk radio, commercial

Owner: Real Radio Network Incorporated

Studio Location: 906-B, Paragon Plaza Building, EDSA corner Reliance St, Mandaluyong City

Transmitter Location: Palos Verdes Executive Village, Brgy. Seven Hills, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City, Rizal

99.5 RT

Hit 99.5

Campus 99.5

99.5 RT

99.5 Play FM

Monday to Friday (6 am-3 am)

6-9 AM First Thing In The Morning

9-12 Mid Morning High

12-3 On The Go

12-3 (Fridays) The Playlist

3-6 Pink Power

6-9 The Home Run

9-12 The Bonus Stage

9-12 (Friday) Club Play

12-3 (M-TH) Counting Sheep

Saturday (6 am- 12mn)

8-12 NN - AT40

12-3 - Weekend Crew

3-6 On The Go: Weekend Edition

6-9 The Bonus Stage: Weekend Edition

9-12 Big Fish Radio

Sunday (6 am-10pm)

6-9 Sunny Side Up

9-12 The Playlist Replay

12-6 Weekend Crew

6-10 AT40 Replay


Sonny B, Big Mike, Inka, Renzo

Katz, Justin, Jaz, Carrissa, Billy, Mandy, Joey
Therese Garcia
Anton Molina
Station: DWBM 105.1

Station name: 105.1 Crossover

Call sign meaning: Broadcast by Mareco

Slogan: The smoothest place on your radio

Owner: Mareco Broadcasting Network Inc.

Location: 6 Tirad Pass St., Quezon City
Sta. Mesa Heights

Transmitter: Barangay San Carlos,
Binangonan, Rizal
Sound: The station plays smooth jazz, bossa nova, blues and rnb targeted to audiences aged 25 and up.

Short History :

- established in 1963 by MBN, Inc.

- AM station DZBM 1043 kHz for Mareco's Mabuhay
and Villar record brands

- consistently no.1 in the surveys - helped popularize radio as an entertainment medium in Manila

-FM station in the 70's : DWLM at 105.1 MHz as
"Super Tunog Pinoy" OPM format

-changed its call sign to DWBM

- Power 105.1 , New Wave format

-1990's it finally became 105.1 Crossover,
Smooth Jazz format

Other branches:
- year 1997 began expansion

DYBM - Bacolod

DYWF - Cebu

DYAC - Zamboanga

DXLR - Davao


- Crossover bites

- Crossover threesome

- Crossover classics
Disc Jockeys:

Mondays - Fridays:

- April from 6AM- 10AM

- Benjamin from 5PM-9PM


-all music
- ages 25+ ''paying clients''
-mostly male on weekends
BRAVO FILIPINO with Bert Robledo
Mon-Fri 1200-1300 / further airs Sun 000-100

Mon-Fri 700-950

Mon-Fri 1700-2000

Sun 1700-2000 / further airs Wed 000-300, Fri 1400-1700

FAVORITES with Julia
Mon 2000-2200, Sat 800-1100

REMINISCENCES with various hosts
Fri 2000-2200

INSPIRATIONS with Eric Maliwat
Sat 2230-2400.

CHAMBER MUSIC IN PROGRESS with David Jerome Johnson
Sun 1500-1700 / further airs Tue 2000-2200, Sat 000-200

OPERAPHILE with Joanna Go
Sat 1900-2200 / further airs Thu 000-300

Thu 1400-1600
Sat 1200-1300

*other time are for foreign programs

Bert Robledo
Eric Maliwat

*other foreign personalities from foreign programs

Branding: RJ 100.3 FM

Slogan: The Greatest and the Latest Hits

Radio Format: Classic hits and Oldies

Owner: Rajah Broadcasting Network

Station Location: 7849 General Luna St. corner Makati Ave. in Makati City

Transmitter Location: Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City

Station: DWLA 105.9

Station name: Retro 105.9 DCG FM

Call sign meaning: from former LA 105.9

Slogan: Manila's First & Only Retro Hits

Owner: Bright Star Broadcasting Network Corporation
Location: 3rd Floor, Silver City Mall, Frontera Verde,
Bo. Ugong, Pasig City

Transmitter: Sitio Halang, Barangay San Roque, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo, Rizal

Sound: The station has a classic hits format playing music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Short History:
- est 1992 by Bright Star as LA 105.9, its first all rock station to provide Pinoy rock music

-1998 it transformed into electronic dance music format

-it went back on air in 2003 as Blazin' 105.9 co-owned by Empire Entertainment and Cavite Vice-Mayor Dino Chua, President of Cavite Broadcasting Network
- only FM station in the Philippines that aired the 2004–2005 Season of the NBA games courtesy of another media partner, Solar Sports
- went into a partership with the Legendary Ramon "RJ" Jacinto of Rajah Broadcasting Network in late 2006 and on mid July was identified as RJ Underground Radio UR 105.9
- After 4 years, UR management decided to forgo lease on 105.9. In May 28, 2011, UR 105.9 was relaunched & migrated to internet as UR Faceradio
-in July 14, 2011, it returned to the airwaves as a test broadcast, debuting as Radio High 105.9
-On March 1, 2014, a new management led by Jonathan Jabson and a group of veteran DJs (such as Jimmy Jam, The Triggerman, Rudolph Rivera, Joey Pizza, Joshua and Andy Tuna) took over the station's airtime lease.
- March 28, 2014 at 5:00am, the station signed on as Retro 105.9 DCG FM, with Andy Tuna on board on its initial broadcast.

6AM – 10AM Morning Show of Mass Destruction
Hosted by King DJ Logan & Karen

10AM-2PM Radioactive Hosted by Joshua

2PM – 6PM Andy Tuna Hosted by Andy Tuna

6PM – 10PM Quarter Attack Hosted by Sgt. Pepper

10PM – 2AM Jimmy Jam's Midnight Snack Hosted by Jimmy Jam featuring mixes from various DJs


6AM – 10AM Smilabration
Hosted by Rudolph Rivera

10AM-2PM The Boreless Show Hosted by The Triggerman

2PM – 6PM The Slice Hosted by Joey Pizza

7PM – 9PM Saturday Retro Onstage Hosted by The Triggerman

9PM – 12MN [Saturdays] Retro Discoteria (formerly from 103.5 Max FM)

9PM-12MN [Sundays] Retro in Love


King DJ Logan
Jimmy Jam
Sgt. Pepper
Andy Tuna
Rudolph Rivera
The Triggerman
Joey Pizza

Station: DWET 106.7

Station name: 106.7 Energy FM

Call sign meaning: Edwin Tan
(former president of ABC-5)

Slogan: Ang Sarap! Ang Sharap!

Owner: Ultrasonic Broadcasting System

Location: Unit D-1, 15th floor, Strata 2000 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Transmitter: Unit D-1, 15th floor, Strata 2000 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Sound: The station plays contemporary pop songs and original pinoy music (OPM). It also contains an adult contemporary musical format.

Short History:

-Kool 106 first went on-air in February 1992
(together with ABC-5) with radio veteran George Mercardo at the helm, its format was Hot Adult Contemporary

- 1995 Kool 106 flipped into a mainstream format playing mostly pop hits

-Between 1999 & 2001 it became 106.7 Kool, that plays mostly foreign song especially R&B with a very few OPM hits
- 2001, It became known as Ritmo Latino RIO 106.7, the first radio station in the country that played Latin music

- 2002, Kool 106 resurrected as a Masa station with a Pop and OPM format

- During the relaunch, Kool 106 and ABC-5 teamed up to produce a 30-minute interactive music show called "Kool on Kam"

- station also has its first ever countdown separated where the top 10 OPM songs and top 10 foreign songs on Sundays

- 2004 106.7 was reformatted as Dream FM, a smooth jazz format with TV5 as its licensee until June 2011
- Energy FM also has a radio segment called Saved on Energy FM, which plays Christian music of praise and worship to God run by Becca Music Inc., a Christian events company. It first aired on February 6, 2011 (while Energy FM was still on 91.5) and airs every Sunday 6pm to 12mn.
- Energy FM also has a radio segment called KPOP Sarap and Radioactive Countdown KPOP Edition, which plays KPOP songs like Super Junior, Girls Generation, CNBLUE, Beast, Lunafly, BTOB and more. And also it has a TOP 5 KPOP songs which the votes are from Twitter and Facebook. It first aired on 2012 and airs every Sunday, 2pm-6pm.
2AM – 5AM It’s a Beautiful Day

5AM- 8AM Pampa G Celine Labuyo

8AM-11AM Tagabulabog ng Buong Universe! Mr. Fu

12PM-3PM Love or Lies Barbie Q

3PM-6PM Merienda Madness Sheena Ngag

6PM- 9PM Eat All You Ken Ken Ton

9PM-12MN Swabe All Night Gina Tan

12AM-2AM Digmaan Lusob Mola Prinsipe Mola, Lloyd Mara

5AM – 11AM All Music

12PM-3PM Showbiz Rampa Shalala, Noel Ferrer

3PM-9PM All Music


Time Program DJ
5AM-9AM 106.70’s DJ Kenjie

9AM-11AM Umagang Kay Sarap: Diva, Jim? Jim Butido, Diva Generosa

11AM-2PM Prinsipe ni Bathala Prinsipe Mola

2PM-4PM K-Pop Sarap Bruce Romano, Caths Unnie

4PM-6PM Radioactive Countdown Ganns Hyung, Caths Unni

6PM-12AM Saved Judah, Ganns Hyung

Mr. Fu
Celine Labuyo
Boni Bonnivie
Chaross Pempengco
Barbie Q.
Ken Ton
Sheena Ngag
Jim Butido
Gina Tan

Diva Generosa
Brother Joe
Noel Ferrer
Prinsipe Mola
Lloyd Mara
Richard Merk
Caths Unni
Ganns Hyung/Ganns Deen

Station: DWNU 107.5

Station name: Wish 107.5

Call sign meaning: Now Underground (former branding) or “New”

Slogan: Plays Your Requests. Grants Your Wishes.
Anong wish mo?
Your All-Hits Station in Metro Manila.

Owner: Progressive Broadcasting Corporation

Sister station: Radyo La Verdad 1350AM (UNTVE Radio)

Location: #907 UNTV Center, EDSA, Brgy. Philam, Quezon City

Transmitter: new UNTV Tower along Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City

Sound: The station’s music format is adult contemporary. It mostly plays classic hits and adult hits.

On August 31, 1987, an unknown radio station started broadcasting at the frequency of 107.5 on the FM band. Playing what was then known as new wave, the station aired for a month, no call letters, no jocks. When they finally announced "This is dwNU, if you're listening, please call..." After mentioning the phone number on air, the phone rang constantly for three hours straight. Back then, its studios were located at Paseo De Roxas in Makati.
Short History:

-radio veteran Mike Pedero and banker/businessman Atom Henares started DWNU 107.5 to set the standard for good taste in music amongst the youths

- they played rock music that is, "dynamic, young, passionate, creative, and always ready to renew itself."

- November 8, 2010 as 107.5 Win Radio after NU 107 signed off
- managed by Manny Luzon who became the EVP and COO on October 10, 2010
- Reformatted as a "more decent mainstream frequency", it distinguishes itself from its competitors through "responsible programming" without playing songs "with double meaning" as is the structure for the masamarket
- it landed at #7 according to the March 2011 KBP Radio Research Council survey
- June 26, 2014, Win Radio had its last broadcast for the last time on 107.5 and transferred to 91.5 FM 2 days later.

-it was then launches as 107.5 Wish FM through the "Wish Concert" held on August 10, 2014 at the World Trade Center

- On October 20, 2014, 107.5 Wish FM was renamed as Wish 1075
5AM-9AM The Morning Flight Hill Billy Willy

9AM-1PM The Wonderland Leigh, Alice

1PM-5PM The Wish List Ray Holiday

5PM-9PM The Roadshow Jelly Kiss

9PM-12MN Wishpers of Love
Doctor Clark

12MN-5AM Moonlight Wishes Flynn Rider

12 MN-10AM Golden Sunday Fully automated 50os-70’s music

6AM-10AM Golden Sunday Flynn Rider

10AM-12MN Golden Sunday Fully automated 50os-70’s music

-Hill Billy Willy
-Princess Leigh
-Ray Holiday
-Jelly Kiss
-Flynn Rider

105.1 Studio
It was once DZUW-AM originally owned by Republic Broadcasting.

Reformatted to DWNK-FM during Martial Law

1986: it was sold to Rajah Broadcasting Network then call-sign was change to DZRJ

Reformatted to RJ 100 in oldies format

1999-2001: reformatted to Hive 100.3 playing alternative and classic rock music

2002: Reverted to as RJ 100 (news from DZRJ-AM)
RJ Sunday Jam (simulcast over DZRJ 810 kHz AM) (hook-ups with 2nd Avenue) (9:00 am-12:00 nn, Sundays)

RJ Rock of Manila (9:00-11:00 pm, Mondays)

The Steve O'Neal Show (9:00 am-12:00 nn, Mondays to Fridays)

The Queen Bee Show (7:00 pm-9:00 pm, Wednesdays) (replays 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, Saturday)

The Morning Brew (6:00 am-9:00 am, Weekdays)

Hillbilly Willy
Howlin' Dave
Johnny Cesar
Long Tall Howard
Renen De Guia
Steve O'Neal
Captain Eddie

Branding: 101.1 Yes FM!

Slogan: Hayahay!

Owner: Pacific Broadcasting Systems

Radio format: commercial, HOT AC, OPM

Studio Location: CCP Complex, Pasay City

Transmitter Location: BSA Twin Tower, Mandaluyong City

Kiss FM 101.1

call letters became DWKS and the studio was located at Makati Central Business District

1985: it had the Contemporary Hit Radio format, competing directly with 99.5 RT.

Kiss Jazz 101.1

It changed its name to Kiss Jazz 101.1

1988-1990: transformed into a smooth jazz format competing directly with Citylite 88.3 (now Jam 88.3) before it quietly went off the air.
DZFX 101.1

1973: Originally owned by the Makati Broadcasting Network, it transferred from its original frequency, 87.5 MHz and it began broadcasting.

It played classical songs until October 11, 1985 then rebranded to Kiss FM 101.1

101.1 Showbiz Tsismis

Launched in December 18, 1995, Manila Broadcasting Company acquired the 101.1 FM frequency

Launched the first show business gossip and music-format FM station in the country, 101.1 Showbiz Tsismis.

Its call sign was DWST, which stood for "Showbiz Tsismis" (Showbiz Gossip)

101.1 Showbiz Tsismis had a mix of show business news and the latest music hits

YES! FM 101.1

December 8, 1998, 101.1 was re-launched as YES! FM 101.1 with a different call sign (DWYS)

Its format was hot adult contemporary / easy listening similar to its sister station 90.7 Love Radio

Became the undisputed number 1 FM station in 1999 to 2002.

On July 2002, all MBC stations from Makati City were relocated and transferred at Star City Complex in Pasay, Philippines

2008: YES! FM 101.1 was again repackaged and it adopted the slogan Automatic 'Yan! YES-FM. The playlists used were almost the same as 90.7 Love Radio's but the programming was different.

2012: As part of "Radyo? Dalawa Lang Yan!" campaign (which was launched by Yes FM and Love Radio in the first quarter of 2011), some DJs from Love Radio such as Missy Hista, Rica Herra, Rico Pañero and Lala Banderas are moved to Yes FM in exchange to Diego Bandido, Emma Harot, Robin Sienna and Kristine Dera

Launched new slogan as the "Hayahay" station which later became also the slogan on other Yes FM and several Hot FM and Love Radio stations.
Monday- Friday:

Bruno, Brownie, Beauty (4 am-6 am)
Missy Hista and Rica Herra (6 am-9am) Totoy Bato (9 am-12 pm)
Tanya Chinita (12pm-3pm)
TLC the Drama special (1pm 2 pm)
Rico Panero and Lala Banderas (3pm 6pm)
Maria Morena (6pm-9 pm)
Yes Diaries with Chico Loco (9 pm-12 am)


Rica Herra (6 am-9 am)
Missy Hista (9 am-12nn)
Tanya Chinita (12nn-3pm)
Chico Loco (3 pm-6 pm)


Rico Panero (6 am-9 am)
Lala Banderas (9am- 12nn)
Totoy Bato (12 nn-3pm)
Maria Morena (3pm-6pm)

Maria Morena, Tanya Chinita, Totoy Bato, Chico Loco, Missy Hista, Rica Herra, Lala Banderas, Rico Panero

1971: Trans-Radio Broadcasting Corporation was established by Emilio Tuason after he acquired the AM radio franchise (1250 kHz) of Transit Broadcasting Corporation, owned by the Vergara family.

Trans-Radio, the AM station adopted the call sign DZTR-AM “Radyo Pilipino”.

1976: Trans-Radio acquired an FM radio franchise (99.5 MHz) and adopted the call sign DWRT-FM.

branded as 99.5 RT and began broadcast on September 6, 1976.

first radio station in The Philippines to have ventured into having a home on the World Wide Web, launching its bulletin board in 1995.
On June 14, 1996, Trans-Radio Broadcasting Corporation sold DWRT-FM to Supreme Broadcasting Corporation (now Real Radio Network Inc.)
On April 1999, it moved to its present location at the Paragon Plaza Building, along EDSA, Mandaluyong City

content-driven rather than music oriented similar to sister station in Davao 105.9 Mix FM. It catered to a young audience, whose demographics included kids in high-school and college
In 2006, it renamed RT to "HiT FM" starting January 2007.

next two weeks, the station played non-stop music, with occasional liners from the DJs, and teasers about the new station.

On January 1, 2007, it officially signed on as HiT 99.5. (2007-2008

resumed broadcast as 99.5 Campus FM on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, with some of the announcers coming from Barangay LS 97.1 (formerly "Campus Radio 97.1") and some of the retained Hit FM jocks. The new incarnation of 99.5 reflected the spirit of the former Campus Radio.

Early in May, 2008, it was renamed Campus 99.5.
August 14 the management abruptly discontinued Campus 99.5, due to management difficulties.

The station then switched to an automated all-music format with only pre-recorded station ID's played intermittently between songs.

On August 24, a new set of stingers announced that a new format and station image would be premiered in days.

Campus Radio revived on March 21, 2009 as an internet radio station.

September 1, 2008 resumed its broadcast under the reinstated name 99.5 RT.

The station initially reused its old and familiar slogan, "The Rhythm Of The City".

2009-2010, introduced its 2nd slogan,dubbing the station as playing "The Best Music on the Planet",

Since 2010, they launched The Farm, an on air training program for the beginner/student jocks.

Since October 2010, RT began to play some Modern Rock music, earning its 3rd slogan, "The Drive", .

June 2011, RT dropped "The Drive" in favor of its previous slogan "The Best Music on the Planet", as an attempt to bring back RT's old image.

During mid-October 2012, management decided to reformat the station.

The station continued to air using 99.5 RT, but with new teasers (which began a week before),

December 10, 2012 the station signed on as 99.5 Play FM.

It caters to a young audience, whose demographics included kids in high-school and college; from the aspirational to the affluent backgrounds
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