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Silky Girl Strategic Plan

Prepared by RED, GFP

Gary Hor

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Silky Girl Strategic Plan

Consumers perceive SilkyGirl as a brand geared towards teenagers where they are still unsure of who they are and exploring their self identity.

Consumer Perception
Marketing Objective
To elevate the brand imagery to be more aspirational yet keeping the imagery relevant to the local audience.
Consumer Benefit
Selling the idea that by buying SilkyGirl, consumers will have the passion to achieve their dreams or desires. It tugs on the aspirational aspect of the consumer.
Age: Between the age of 20 to 30
Gender: Female
Living Area: Urban and suburban areas
Occupation: Young professionals
Income Level: RM1,800 to RM3,500 / month
Individualistic and expressive; know who they are or who they want to be
They are fashionable and define their style through how they look
Intrinsic aspiration; driven towards success

Advertising Objective
To evoke a sense of belief and feeling that the SilkyGirl brand goes beyond confidence and aspiring users to chase after their dreams.
4. Competitive Frame
i. Za New York
ii. Maybelline
iii. Rimmel

No.1 brand in unit sales in Malaysia, 1 out of 4 customers use SilkyGirl
No.2 brand in unit sales in Singapore.
No.1 brand in unit sales and value sales in Guardian
10, 000 distribution points in Indonesia
Award winning brand: Guardian Customers' Choice, Watsons Health & Beauty, etc.
Competitive Frame
Tone And Manner
It needs to be inspiring and easily understandable with a casual, encouraging tone.

Positioning Statement
SilkyGirl is a colour cosmetics brand that inspires and motivates you to be self-assured and encourages you to pursue your dreams.
The SilkyGirl brand goes a step further in reinforcing the idea that they can achieve their dreams or desires when they are have more self-ownership.
From confidence to self-ownership to aspirational dreams.
Product Info
-a brand that
is on a higher end compared with brands for mass-produced products, but is less expensive than prestige
Maybelline New York
Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline) is trendy, innovative and infused with New York energy.
Get the London look
- Low end makeup brand Rimmel has something for everyone and every occasion from makeup essentials to experimental on trend colours.
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