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Kelly Rankin

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of OCTOBER SKY

October Sky is a movie based on the true story of Homer H. Hickman Jr. The movie takes place in a small coal mining town in Virginia in the 1950s. In the movie Homer is a young boy who dreams of being more than a coal miner like his father. After the launch of Sputnik, Homer is inspired to build rockets for the science fair. While his father is completely against the idea, his mother and teacher Ms. Riley, encourage Homer follow his dreams. After a forest fire is started by what the town believes is Homer and his friend's rocket, Homer loses faith. He even goes to work in the mine after a mining disaster leaves his father injured. Luckily, Homer is inspired by a book given to him by his teacher, Ms. Riley, on rockets. This leads him to discover that his rocket couldn't of caused the fire. Homer, with help of his friends sets back to work and goes on to win the national science fair and receive college scholarships.
Homer Proves Innocence
Who is Homer Hickman Jr.?
Second son of Homer and Elsie Hickman, born in 1943
Six years active duty, serving in the Vietnam war
While he was a writer, Homer Jr. also worked as an engineer for U.S. Army Missile command
He was recruited by NASA in 1981 as a aerospace engineer
He worked training crew members and in spacecraft design
In 1984, he received Alabama’s Distinguished Service Award for heroism after saving the lives of crew and passengers of a sunken paddle boat in the Tennessee river
In 1996, the United States Olympic Committee honored Homer by letting him carry the Olympic Torch
He has also received awards for his writing, including the University of Alabama’s Clarence Cason Award and the Appalachian Heritage Writer’s Award
Dream Collage
Students will create a dream collage for their dream job. Students will cut out pictures from magazines that relate to their dream job. Students may also select pictures that reference goals to achieve to get to that job. This collage will serve as a reminder of where dream and where their going with their education!

Information & Photos: http://homerhickam.com/about-homer/
What does this movie mean to the future educator?
Image: https://www.tumblr.com/search/october%20sky%20gif
Image: https://www.pinterest.com/ashlee061384/october-sky/
Video Clip: http://j.mp/1Jcn5VR
Kelly Rankin, Savoy Maneice, Elsa Angeles, Daniel Ratcliffe & Katlyn Mills
How Teachers are honored:
Throughout the film Homer is encourage to reach his dreams by his teacher, Ms. Riley. Although she does not receive much recognition for her actions by the other characters, the audience can see that she heavily influenced Homer to achieve his goal.
How Teachers are discredited:
Ms. Riley and Homer are challenged by the principle, Mr. Turner. He tells Ms. Riley that she shouldn't tell students that they could go to college if they work hard. Mr. Turner believed that most of the students would go to work in the mine after they graduated high school.
How Students are Honored:
Towards the end of the film, the four boys who followed their dreams of building rockets won the science fair and received college scholarship. This was proof that not everyone has to be a coal miner.
How the students are discredited:
With the exception of Ms. Riley, the entire town is against Homer and his friends:
Classmates mock them
Principle Turner tries to take away one of their rockets/discourages them to pursue academic goals
Homer's father tries to stop him from building rockets by destroying Homer's workshop and forbidding him to launch rockets in the town
Problems with Ms. Riley:
Although Ms. Riley had a remarkable impact on Homer and his friends, she made questionable choices throughout the film. On several occasions, she challenged and embarrassed her boss, Principle Turner. While their may be a time you disagree with your boss, it's never appropriate to disrespect them.
What the school taught and what we admire about Ms. Riley:
The principle wanted Ms. Riley's curriculum to be useful to students who would eventually go to work in the coal mines. The restrictions stunted students' abilities to learn. Ms. Riley encourage students to continue learning even outside of school. When Ms. Riley realized that Homer was not satisfied with his education she gave him a book on advanced mathematics and physics so he could pursue his education outside of class as well.
Kelly Rankin
What is missing in this teacher story?
There was not a lot of support inside of the school other than the support and encouragement of Miss Riley.

There was also no information about Miss Riley besides her willingness to help Homer and his friends.
The End~
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