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Skulduggery Pleasant

My booktalk

Mr. Bolender

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery pleasant Who is Skulduggery pleasant? Skulduggery is a skeleton detective. he can do everything a human can do and more, like... magic... throwing fire, diplacing air, munipulating water, and as a last resort, turn himself to stone. his partner, Stephanie Edgley, is learning the basics of magic as she goes on dangerous adventures alongside Skulduggery. Skulduggery Pleasant solves cases in Ireland. He is one of their best detectives, he is cunning, smart, and even has a good sense of humor. Skulduggery met Stephanie after her uncle died. They were both included in his will, Stephanie got his house and Skulduggery got a piece of advice. Then when Stephanie has to stay at her new house all alone, she gets attcked. Thats where my first passage begins And after she discovers magic... their partnership begins. After Skelduggery's nemisis breaks out of jail, choas starts to rise. that is their first adventure, but definatly not their last Stephanie Edgley Stephanie is a normal girl untill her uncle dies and she inherits his house and lots of money. Her Moms car broke down and she found herself all alone at her new house As you know she gets attacked and Skulduggery saves her, but now, she wants more magic. She abducts Skulduggery's hat and he has to take her wiht him to meet a friend of his. Here is another passage that shows their very unique relationship. hi reading... Thanks for watching my prezi! The Scepter of the Ancients
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