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Natural Selection Project

By Marley Doakes Biology

Cecily Doakes

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Natural Selection Project

Natural Selection By Marley Doakes
Period 4 What is Natural Selection? Adaptation Competition What is Competition? Example What does this relate to Natural Selection? Competition is two
organisms fighting
for the same resources. Two male rams will fight over a female by butting heads. The one who beats his competition will mate with the female. The strongest and fastest animals will beat the others. This gives them the chance to reproduce and live longer. Example Birds migrate to all sorts of different
They have to be able to adapt to those
places or they will die. What dose it have to with Natural Selection? Organisms that can adapt quickly and proficiently to a single environment or several ones will have a better chance of surviving. What is Adaptation? Adaptation is when an organism can fit into a specific place and survive. Definition The process where organisms that can adapt better to their environment, have a greater chance of surviving and reproducing then those who do not.
"Survival of the fittest." *Adaptation
*Natural- Resources
*Variation Eight Categories There are eight main factors that support the process of Natural Selection. Environment Polar bears and penguins live in the
Arctic because every thing in
that environment is
perfectly suitable for them.
Animals like lions and elephants
would not be able to survive here.
They need a warm
environment to live in. Example Environment is the surrounding and habitat for which certain organisms live. What is Environment? This is relative because certain animals
need to live in an environment that fits them.
If they do not then their species could
quickly become extinct.
If the environment changes
and it is not suitable for those
species any more
then this could also
result in extinction. How does this relate
to Natural Selection? Natural Resources Definition Materials such as fresh water,
plants, trees, and fertile land. How is this important to Natural Selection? The Natural Resources in a habitat determine whether or not a species can find food and water in order to survive. Predation How do you explain Predation? Predation is the act of killing and
consumption of prey. An Example In the Dot Game, our fingers were the predators and the small dots were the prey. Picked up the dots was an example of killing them and putting them to the side was an example of consuming them. Predators that can kill prey will survive in the wild and prey that can hide from the predators will survive as well. What dose this have to with Natural Selection? Reproduction The act of producing offspring. What does Reproduction mean? Relevance to Natural Selection: Organisms that continue to survive in Natural Selection have the chance to find a mate and reproduce. There for keeping their species alive over time. Variation A change in amount or level. How do you define Variation? An Example When grizzle bears got the edge of the stream and catch all of the fish, there is a smaller amount of fish in the stream then to being with. Explanation of how it corresponds with Natural Selection: If organisms can't survive then the amount or number of their species will change. Traits What is the definition of Traits?
A specific feature or quality that helps and organism survive. Example Cameleons have the great trait of being able to camouflage. This allows them to blend in with their surroundings and hide from predators. What dose this have to with Natural Selection? If an organism has helpful traits then they have a better chance to survive. http://www.freedictionary.com

Third Edition BSCS Biology A Human Approach
Cited Sources (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
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