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Genius Hour for kids

No description

Rebecca M

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of Genius Hour for kids


If you never had to go to work again,
list three things you'd spend your time doing, learning, or exploring
How I Discovered Genius Hour
Motivation & Inspiration Issues
Relevancy Concerns
Grade "Grubbing"
Compliance, not Creativity
Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic
rewards for learning
Daniel Pink
to The Rescue!
Take out your phone and find a photo of some one or some thing you care deeply about. Share the photo with a partner and talk about why.
Can you carve out time in your instructional program to set
kids free on a challenging, personalized, learning journey?
(...and if so...why wouldn't you?)
Step 1
the idea
to your kids
Step 2
Have your kids brainstorm their interests & passions
on post-it notes
If you didn't have to come to school what would you spend all day doing?
Step 3
Select one passion
from your list
to devote 17 hours at school researching, learning about,
and working on.
Step 4
Form a research question about the topic you selected.
A good research question is:

Practice forming a research question on your chosen topic and share it with a partner or your table groups.
Do Now #3
Not a yes/no question
Not Googlable
Worth 17 hours of your time
Focused & relevant
Produces measurable results
Research Question
Can I teach myself about nail art?
What different types of nail art are there?
How do nail technicians create 3-D nail art and how well can I teach myself to do 3 different designs on my own
Step 5
Plan your learning journey
Who can help you?
Where will you research?
How will you store your findings?
What time will you need to add?
What resources might you need to complete your journey?
How will you know if you're done?

Step 6
Share your Journey
Step 8
Be Amazed!
Check out Kidblog on the ipods or on your own device
Step 7
Culminating Presentations
Emery's Focus
Question Process
Andre's Project
Eli's Project
Alexandria's Project
Can I learn to use the different filters and effects on my cell phone cam to 1)become a better photographer, and 2) create more distinct moods in my photographs?
for kids

Time to share
Talk together about the joys and challenges of using Genius Hour in your classroom?
Are there ways to embed GH ideas in other parts of your students' learning journeys?
Ignite Student Learning by Using Genius Hour
To Make School Relevant, Meaningful, and Challenging.

How can this work be adapted for younger kids? Older?
When kids are put in the driver's seat of their learning, magical and amazing things happen that transform the educational experience for everyone.
Workshop Expectations
You'll consider letting go and letting kids lead.
You'll design a Genius Hour Plan that fits your kids and your class (All/Partial/One)
You'll share your own GH experiences when we meet next week.
You'll ask questions about implementation and seek support/resources as you go via the Teaching Partners Work Feed.
You'll be prepared to be amazed by your students.
You'll infuse the spirit of GH into everything you possibly can.
What are you worried about?
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