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Animal Farm Russian Revolution Comparison Chart

No description

Jazmine Burton

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Animal Farm Russian Revolution Comparison Chart

Animal Farm Russian Revolution Comparison Chart
Karl Marx/Old Major
Old Major
Taught animalism
Workers do the work, Rich keep the money, Animals revolt
Dies before the Revolution takes place
Karl Marx
Invented communism
"Workers of the World Unite" - take over the economy and government
Dies before the Russian Revolution

Tzar Nicholas II/Mr.Jones
Mr. Jones
Irresponsible to his animals (beats them)
Sometimes Cruel; letting them starve
Sometimes Kind; mixing milk in animals food
Czar Nicholas II
Poor leader as compared to other monarchs
Cruel; sometimes brutal with political opponents
Sometimes kind; he hired starving students as spies

Joseph Stalin/Napolean
Not a good speaker, not as smart as Napoleon
Cruel, Brutal, Selfish, Devious, Corrupt
Ambition for power, killed opponents
Used dogs, moses, and squealer to control the government
Not a good speaker, not as smart as Trotsky
Didn't follow Marx's ideas
Cared for power only; killed his opponents
Used KGB & allowed the Church, propagandized

Leon Trotsky/Snowball
Young, smart, good speaker, idealistic
Really wants to make life better for all
Chases away into exile by Napoleon's dogs
Leon Trotsky
Pure Communist, followed Marx
Wanted to improve life for all in Russia
Chased away by Lenin's KGB (secret police)

Big mouth, talks a lot
Convinces animals to believe and follow Napoleon
Changes and manipulates the commandments

Worked for stalin to support his image
Used any lie that would support Stalin
Benefited from government control of education

KGB/The dogs
The dogs
A private army that used fear to force animals to work
Killed or intimidated any opponent of Napoleon's
Essential part of Napoleon's strategy to control the animals
KGB - The Secret Police
Not really the police, but enforcers used to support Stalin
Used Force: often killed entire families for disobedience
Totally loyal to Lenin, Stalin, etc., more so than the military

Mollie/Vain people in Russia
Vain, Loved her beauty and herself
Didn't think about animal farm
Went with anyone that gave her what she wanted
Vain people of Russia and the World
Some people didn't care about the Revolution
Only thought of their own self interest
Escaped to other countries that offered more for them

No social classes; no rich, but no poor
Workers get a better life; all animals are equal
Animals own the farm
No social classes; no rich, but no poor
All people are equal
Government owns everything and the people own the government

Boxer/Dedicated people of Russia
Strong, hard-working horse, believed in animal farm
"Napoleon is always right", "I will work harder"
Gives his all but is betrayed by Napoleon who sells him to the glue factory
Dedicated, but tricked supporters of the Revolution
People believed Stalin because he was a "Communist"
Many stayed loyal even after stalin was revealed as a tyrant
Betrayed by Stalin who ignored or killed them

Benjamin/Skeptic people of Russia
Old wise donkey who is suspicious of Napoleon
Thinks "Nothing ever changes" - He was right
His suspicions of Boxer being sold to the glue factory and the commandments being changed were proved true
Skeptic people of Russia and the outside world
Weren't sure Revolution would change anything
Realized that a tyrant could call himself a communist
Knew communism wouldn't work with tyrants

The Pigs/Communists
The Pigs
Support Napoleon
Live their life in luxury
Changed commandments to benefit themselves
Enjoy the benefits of the society
Friends of Stalin
Moses the Raven
Tells animals about Sugar Candy Mountain (heaven)
Animals can go there if they work hard
Napoleon let him stay because he taught the animals to work and not complain

Marx said religion was the "opium of the masses" (a lie)
Designed to teach people to not complain about their lot in life
Stalin allowed religion to calm down the discontent of the people

Mr. Fredrick/Adolf Hitler
Mr. Fredrick
Tough shrewd man
Broke agreement with Napoleon
Adolf Hitler
Broke the 1940 agreement

Battle of the Windmill/Battle of Stalingrad
Fredricks men blow up the windmill
The animals end up winning

Major Battle
Nazi Germany fought the Soviet Union
The Soviet Union won
Meeting between human &animals/Teheran Conference
Pigs & humans
Goal- "to live at peace and in normal business relations"
They are both cheating each other
Teheran Conference
Meeting between Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, & Stalin
decade-long mostly non-military conflict between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S
Animal Rebellion/1917 Russian Revolution
Animal Rebellion
Was supposed to make life better for all
Life was worse at the end
The other farmers (humans) they rebelled against
1917 Russian Revolution
Supposed to fix problems with Czar
Life was even worse long after Revolution
Stalin made Czar look like a nice guy

Hen Rebellion/The Purges
Hen Rebellion
The hens refuse to give up their eggs so Napoleon starves them
Several die others give up
The purges
To eliminate opposition Stalin executed anyone he didn't like
Stalin forced people to confess falsely and publicly to crimes that they never committed

Seven Commandments/April Theses
Seven Commandments
List of rules animals must live by

April Theses
Series of ten directives issued by Lenin
Beasts of England/Hymn of the Soviet Union
Beast of England
Song they sing on Sunday mornings

Hymn of the Soviet Union
Song played when Vladimir Putin attended events
Green fields of England/Hammer & Sickle
Green fields of England
The green represented the fields of England
The hoof and horns represent the future republic of the animals
Hammer and Sickle
The hammer represents the hard work and the sickle
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