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No description

Ma2 Treday

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of BRONY

Yeah, Sure
I'm a-
Presentation by
Mathew Mazezka
Tre Poole

This is a three part eight minute Presentation. Get ready to be blown away!
Part One
Generations of
Generation One (First)
Rescue at Midnight Castle, 1984
Escape from Catrina, 1985
My Little Pony- The Movie, 1986
End of Flutter Valley- first episode
Two Seasons
Pony Types
Ponies kept- Twilight, Princess Sparkle- Gen 3 and 4
Generation Two
My Little Pony Tales
Earth Ponies... Only Earth Ponies...
Problems- Personal- Boys/ Girls
Bon Bon's Diary-first episode, 1992
Never got past Season One
Longer Legs, Slimmer heads
No ponies Kept!
Unknown Setting
Generation Three/ Three Point Five
Normal bubbly girly show
All Ponies
Normal(ish) Land
Set in PonyVille (circling celebration tower)
Never on Television
A Charming Birthday- first "Movie," 2003
Movies + Animated Shorts
Ponies Kept (a lot!) Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell Twilight Twinkle (Sparkle)... and probubly others
3.5 changed ponies younger, deleted few
Generation Four (Present)
New Artist, New Style!
"Friendship is Magic"
Done with girly
Most popular, Brony forming
"Part One- Mare in the Moon"- first episode, 2010
Last Longest, Still going on!
Main characters- Apple Jack, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash
"Cutie Mark Crusaders"- Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom
Part Two
What is a Brony?
Fun Fact!
Twilight and Princess Sparkle
were combined in the fourth generation!
A Brony Is-
A name given to a fan (male) of
My Little Pony, starting during the
"Friendship is Magic" series. (Usualy Middle
School to Adult Age)
Fun Fact!
The female term for Brony
is pegisister!(Don't Ask...)

What attracts Bronys to the show?
Hidden Jokes
"It needs to be 20% cooler."
"What's the fun in making sense?"
"Hold on a second! Eternal Chaos Comes With chocolate rain! CHOCOLATE RAIN!"
"Uh, beg pardon Rarity, but, uh, we don't normally wear clothes..."

Complex Story Line (non-redundant)
Improvement from previous
How has M.L.P F.I.M. changed when
Bronies are added to the mix?
Jokes added
Creator made video for bronies
"Aquestria Girls" spin-off movie
Fun Fact!
At the Hasbro Comic-Con, featuring
many comics like transformer and other
Hasbro films (M.L.P., anyone?) Most of the
Audience was made of High School to adult

Part Three-
What Bronies do?
Evolution of a Brony
Videos (Reviews and Predictions)
"Aquestria Girls"
Fan Art
Lots of Fan Art
Done by Bronies
Can you Find the hidden Spike? FlutterShy?
Just... Watch...
Did you find Spike? Fluttershy? Look Again!
Fan Fiction
such as "Snowflake, Double Rainboom"

"The Brony Song, ""Proud to be a Brony," Anything by "BronyDanceParty"

"My Little Dashy," others...
music video
dramatic readings
Nah. This Is just the beginning! In fact, the beginning of of the beginning! Confused? Just Think that in two years, I'll be there to ask you...
No...Not that...
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