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Bookseller's Project- Robin: the Lady of Legend

No description

Kendyll Sumler

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Bookseller's Project- Robin: the Lady of Legend

By: R.M. ArceJaeger Robin: Lady of Legend For young woman named Lady Robin Locksley, things turn for the worst for her when she hears of what her father has prepared for her future, but she refuses to take part in it, she leaves behind her family, to run and masquerade as a young man in Sherwood Forest. One day she saves a boy from being beaten to death by the Sheriff of Nottinghampshire's men, and he decides that he will follow Robin's lead. He slowly brings in families and men that have no where else to go; kicked out of their homes by the sheriff. Soon they all follow Robin's lead, creating a small community where they live by rules of honor; there most famous, "steal from the rich and give to the poor." Robin's fame has attracted the attention of many, the poor that adore "him" and her merry men, and the rich, powerful, and corrupted such as the Sheriff and many assassins, all want her head. Robin keeps up the honor of Robin O' the Hood, but often takes foolish risks with her life and secret. What is it about? What if the man you know as Robin Hood was a lie? This story is unlike anything ever written, it takes the legendary Robin Hood and makes you question, was HE even a HE? About the Author R.M. ArceJaeger has been writing books and stories all her life from horror stories for around the campfire to fantasy epics. Her book Robin: Lady of Legend is one of Amazon's number one sellers. A similar story to her Robin Hood twist, is her short-story version of Cinderella, called A Stepmother's Story: The True Tale of Cinderella. Lady Robin Locksley Lady Robin Locksley is a headstrong girl. She hates being told what to do especially when its to be quiet and keep her opinions to herself, she wishes to be treated equal as men. Growing up she spent her time practicing archery and play fighting with wooden swords with her cousin, Will. Her father bans her from playing with swords, since its very unladylike. Luckily she was allowed to pursue archery, which women are allowed to participate in, but is not particularly liked by most people. "It is just as Frank Miller said," the woman breathed, leaning out the window for a better look. "A man in green- you are one of the men of Sherwood! You might even be-" she gulped and made a miming motion with her hands, as though pulling something over her head, "-Robin Hood himself!"
"My lady," Robin affirmed with a bow. The woman gasped.
"Will you please come in?" she begged. "To have Robin Hood in my home...."
"I would, my lady, but there are others who have need of my coin."
"Of course, of course! Go," she called, "and God bless you, Robin Hood!" Word travels fast around town of Robin Hood and his merry men, and people idolize them. Robin Hood's famous tree in Sherwood Forest, England project done by Kendyll J. Sumler Work Cited- http://rmarcejaeger.com/about/

http://www.amazon.com/Robin-Legend-Classic-Adventures-ebook/dp/B006SFN4GI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348528297&sr=8-1&keywords=Robin%3A+Lady+of+Legend What type of book is this??? Action! Survival! Bravery! Strong Female Character! John Little (aka little John) John little is the first person Robin meets out on her journey to London, he presumes she is a boy, and they become friends, until she flees after saving his life by killing man. John is a master of the bow staff and comes from a small village not far from her own town of Nottinghampshire. Sheriff Of Nottinghampshire The Sheriff is a cruel man, raising and taking taxes at random, hated among the poor and rich, and a laughing stock when it comes to him versus Robin Hood and "his" men. Will Robin's best friend and cousin, he also is an accomplice in her escape from home. Marian Marian is Robin's younger sister, but due to the fact no one knows Robin is really a woman and the close relationship between them, people believe Marian is "his" lady. Reviews "The storytelling is solid, the research is thorough, the details are spot-on, and the skill is undeniable. . . . As Robin Hood retellings go, it's pretty much a bullseye." — PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous retell...this Robin gives young girls a role model that isn't dressed as the beautiful helpless princess. Honestly, I couldn't put my Kindle down." — Bookworm's Dinner

"A powerful and credible tale. ArceJaeger's Robin is both relatable and intriguing." — Gold Country Times

"I loved, loved, loved this sweet and entertaining version of an old tale." — Leah's Good Reads
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