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MMM, September 28, 2009


John Park

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of MMM, September 28, 2009

MMM september 28, 2009 for
$50 answer: it's
world rabies day! birthdays & anniversaries this week lunch
today: CPK pizza
thurs: CPK sandwiches, chips, salad

Sidebar: Mobile Search Company
(sponsored by Lauren) new work and results sometimes it's the little things in 1987, American Airlines saved $40k by removing just 1 olive from 1st class salads tech tips Licking your own elbow
is anatomically impossible. collaborate b-days
Monica – Sept 27th
Kevin – Oct. 1st
Jackie – Oct. 3rd

Hank – Oct. 1st (12 yrs.)
Howie – Oct. 1st (12 yrs.) are your timesheets current? Log into CMPro and show us that your timesheets are current through Sept. 25 september 28, 2009 everything i need to know about social media i learned from my dog: be friendly and non judgmental

keep a regular schedule

learn new tricks

don't beg

have fun

don't pee on stuff rrr's and arfs way to go minutes have a great week! images courtesy of cuteoverload.com jkoljnkojnpojknojioiojkjhnknh
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