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Aurasma For The Classroom

See how using Augmented Reality can add engagement and interactivity to the classroom.

Matt Hollowell

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Aurasma For The Classroom

Now, launch Aurasma on
your mobile device and point
your device's camera at
the following images:
What is Aurasma?
Pretty nifty, eh?
But how can such technology benefit you and enhance your classroom experience?
Think about the following uses:
Use an Aura to bring a lesson to life, and to make it more engaging:
Hyperlink an aura to add a layer of additional information
(this time, click the aura when it appears on your mobile device):
(if it's not working, make sure you've subscribed to the "Aurasma For The Classroom" channel. Head back a few steps to subscribe, then enjoy the rest of this Prezi.)
Create an Aura to make lessons come alive for your students:
Prezi content and design by: Matt Hollowell; owner, Hello Social, LLC.
Contact: matt@hellosocialmarketing.com; 615-686-1477.

Augmented Reality For The Classroom
Aurasma is a free app for iOS and Android devices that uses advanced image recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content, such as videos and animations, called “Auras”.
What does this mean
for your classroom?
Continue through this presentation to experience just a few of the possibilities
Then, mix your imagination with your classroom experience to truly unlock the potential for engaging and transforming experiences!
Before we continue, you'll need to complete two steps:
Download Aurasma to your iOS or Android device;
Follow the "Aurasma For The Classroom" channel.
Scan this QR code (or use the link) twice. Scan once to download Aurasma, then scan again to follow the channel.
Once you have downloaded the app and have followed the channel, let's get started!
Help students learn at their own pace by revealing information when they are ready.
Incorporate Auras to reach your students where they are:
And you can also create Auras just for fun! (Warning, this Aura has sound.)
in this particular case, you could actually create multiple auras, each in different languages, and have students subscribe to the appropriate channel. This technique could also be used for differentiation instruction in numerous subjects.
You work too hard to face this:
Consider Using Aurasma to...
your students.
Now that you've seen a small example of
what augmented reality can do, how will
you use this technology in your classroom?
Have comments, questions, ideas? Send me an email to matt@hellosocialmarketing.com, and I'd be happy to discuss!
Full disclosure: I have no business affilliation with Aurasma; I'm just a technology junkie with a passion for education. #carryon
If this is the first time you have experienced a presentation that uses Prezi, here are some tips:
Prezi is more enjoyable and easier to see in FULLSCREEN mode. Find the FULLSCREEN icon in the bottom-right corner; use it for a better experience.
Move through the Prezi by using the RIGHT arrow. If you missed something or want to review, use the LEFT arrow. Hope you enjoy!
Follow Up & Connect:
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