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Neighborhood Observations

No description

Owen Toews

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Neighborhood Observations

Neighborhood Observations
In the Field
Talking to People
Always ask permission and say you are a student researcher.
Ask open-ended questions:
How long have you been in this neighborhood?
Do you like it?
Has it changed?
Follow up on specifics.
Before You Go
Identify commercial & residential areas
Pick a busy time to visit
Check the weather (dress warmly!)
Give yourself enough time
Data collection tools
Data Collection Tools
Pen & Paper
Audio recorder
Built Environment
What kinds of businesses are there?
What kinds of homes?
What kinds of infrastructure?
Human Environment
Who is here? Who is not?
What are they doing?
What kinds of activities are happening?
Physical appearance (avoid clichés, capture the full human being).
Seminar 4
CUNY Macaulay-Baruch
Professor Hilary Botein
ITF Owen Toews
February 10, 2014
Record Your First Impressions
How does the place strike you?
How do you feel?
Capture mood, theme, atmosphere.
Use concrete detail (5 senses)
Physical Traces
Post-Field Reflection
Overall impressions.
What surprised you?
Do the areas seem to function well?
How might they function better?
Organize field notes, use as skeleton for paragraphs.
Flickr: map and tag photos.
Develop further questions.
Good Luck!
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