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CESWP Overview for TDAS Meetings

High level overview of Cloud-Enabled Space Weather Modelling and Data Assimilation Platform for TDAS/ERG/ORBITALS meetings on March 18-19, 2010.

Cybera TechRadar

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of CESWP Overview for TDAS Meetings

CESWP Overview
2010.03.18 CESWP is about making it easier for space physicists to share, run, and collaborate on modeling and simulation work. In order to do this, we will create a compute cloud that spans several countries. In parallel, we will start to move space weather models and tools into the cloud and make them available to researchers. CESWP Project Overview Project Plan Project initiation October 1, 2009
Planned completion June 30, 2011
2010: Build cloud in Canada; get modellers (and models) working in cloud.
2011: Expand cloud to other countries; expand base of models and modellers using CESWP.
Example Uses of CESWP Cloud model development
simulation execution
workbench /toolkit Model Development Environment instantiate a Virtual Machine (VM) based on your modeling environment
evolve your model in the VM
archive the VM with your working model Collaboration Environment share access to your modelling VM
collaborate in the VM to evolve the model and share results
archive VM as machine image with collaboration results
share archived VM image with collaborator Simulation Execution Environment Author:
create "Virtual Appliance" (VA) for model

instantiate VA(s) to run simulation
return results
shut down VA(s) Workbench/Toolkit Environment Author:
create VA for workbench (e.g. TDAS)

instantiate VA
use workbench A note on CSSDP The Canadian Space Science Data Portal (CSSDP) is our sister project.

In brief, CSSDP is about:
Federating data sources
Supporting collaboration
Workflow CESWP = Cloud-Enabled Space Weather Data Assimilation and Modeling Platform For further information: http://www.ceswp.ca

or email us at:

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