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Consumer Fitness Project

No description

Mina Lam

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Consumer Fitness Project

Spinach In A Can (Not really spinach)
By: Generic Company
When exercising this will give that extra energy boost that keeps you going.
All your favorite celebrities use this for their daily use.
For all ages 13 and UP
Tastes Great
Uses all natural ingredients
Why Should I Buy?
It 's simple, its a great drink with no preservatives, just natural ingredients. It helps you go the extra mile when exercising. It's good for when you just want something good, but healthy to drink.
AT 999-669-0100
If you have a problem with product you get your money back guaranteed
Your rights as our customer...

The right to safety: Consumers will be protected from products that are dangerous.
The right to choose: Consumers have the right to make their own choices.
The right to be heard: Consumers can speak out when they want to be heard and have a voice in making laws.
The right to be informed: Consumers will be protected from false and misleading advertising.
Business Letter
Feel free to give us feedback on this product at greenspinach.com
909 Sesame Street
Long Street, Canada 33309
July 4, 2014

Mr. Bob Saget
Reporter for The New York Times
22 Jump Street
New York City, New York

Hello Reporter Saget,
My name is Aaron To and I'm here to show you this product in my marketing portfolio called "Spinach in a Can". This product is for all ages( 13+) who like to work out with a little more motivation and many celebrities use this product, saying good things about it. I hope to see you one day getting the benefits of my product.
Sincerely, Aaron

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