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No description

BoBo DoG

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of WoRdS

FUNNY Live LAUGH LOVE Dream Inspiration Courage Happy Unique Strength Friendly Compassion Beauty Heart Peace Believe Wish Faith Embrace Smile GRACE WORDS Something That is being Used ALL Around The World Inspiring
Encouraging WORDS CAN BE... Hurtful
Harsh WORDS They are powerful tools indeed, even if they might seem Sitting within a book... Floating through the air... OR WORDS ARE ALL AROUND US,
IN EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES... HERE THERE small They have a big effect on people. One word is all that it takes to make a difference, be it small or big... Your one word, can CHANGE someone's life,

Your one word can CHANGE someone's feelings,

Your one word can MAKE a big difference,

Your one word can be someone's INSPIRATION
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