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Wishing Upon A Star

The Walt Disney Story

Tim Terrorist

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing Upon a Star
The Walt Disney Story The Invention of Mickey Mouse Attempted to find a new character that was an animal
Inspired by his pet mouse on his childhood farm Was first named Mortimer Mouse, but his wife made him change it First two Mickey Mouse short films failed to get a distributor. The third, Steamboat Willie, was marked as the debut of this character Early Life Joined the Red Cross for a year and drove an ambulance in France during WWII He and his brother pooled their money together and set up a cartoon studio in Hollywood Began career by drawing cartoon pictures of his neighbor's horse for money Dropped out of high school at sixteen to join the army. Beginning of Disney Movies After two cartoon series, Disney started making plans for a full length film. Snow White was the first ever Disney production in 1935 After seeing the success of Snow White, other films like Fantasia and Peter Pan began to go into production. It also started the "Golden Age of Animation" for the Disney Corporation Disney Theme Parks The Disney animators who joined the building process were called Imagineers Among the thousands of people for the opening was President Reagan, who hosted the opening of the park. Disneyworld consists of golf resorts and hotels as well as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) Lasting Impact Today, Walt Disney's animation/motion picture studios and theme parks have developed into a multi-billion dollar television, motion picture, vacation destination and media corporation that carry his name As of 2007, the company has an annual revenue of over U.S. $35 billion, a profit Walt Disney wouldn't have ever dreamed of making Throughout the decades, Walt Disney has made dreams come true with his imaginative way of creating child like fantasies that bring enjoyment to the masses. Without Walt Disney, the fairy tales you know and love today would still be gruesome stories meant to prove a life lesson.
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