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Patrick Mesisca

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of SCIENTOLOGY

The Adventures of L. Ron Hubbard
Intro to Scientology
L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard
Psychologists Reject Dianetics
Scientology Theology
Dr. Morris Fishbeck, former editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association went on record warning people about "mind healing cults" ... like Dianetics (Newsweek, Oct. 16, 1950; p. 59)
Scientology has marks of a religion: 1. Scriptures (Dianetics)
2. a worldview
3. pursuit of enlightenment
Scientology is a false religion
A false religion is whenever and wherever it departs from the bibllical God and His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ!
Christians must be able to rebuke false teachers without denying their freedom of belief
* Jesus pronounced woes to the Pharisees (Matthew 23:12-30)
* Religions that denies Jesus Christ and His provision of atonement for salvation leads to eternal hell and separation from God (John 10:1-8; Matthew 5:29-30; Matthew 10:28; Matthew 18:9)
1. An Examination of L. Ron Hubbard
2. The History/Origin of Scientology
3. A biblical, Christian theological evaluation of
Scientology/Dianteics (How do the teachings of
Scientology cohere with the biblical teachings of Jesus?
Lafayette Ron Hubbard born March 13, 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska
A popular science fiction writer in the 1930's and 40's
"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." - Hubbard's Announcement at the New Jersey Science Fiction Convention in 1949 (Time Magazine, April 5, 1976; p. 57).
In May 1950, Hubbard released Dianetics: A Modern Science of Mental Health
(Dianetics 180,000 words written in three weeks time)
The Church of Scientology of California was incorporated on February 18, 1954.
A. 15 M published words in science fiction essays
B. 25 M published words for scientology
C. One of the youngest Eagle Scouts according to BS of A.
Miracle claim in Scientology Dictionary:
"He traveled extensively in Asia sa a young man ... he studied science and mathematics at George Washinton University, graduating from Columbia College. He attended Princeton U and Sequoia U ... Crippled and blind and the end of WW2, he resumed studies of philosophy and by his discoveries recovered so fully that he was reclassified in 1949 for full combat duty. It was a matter of medical record that he was twice pronounced dead and that in 1950 he was given a perfect score on mental and physical fitness reports." (1970; pp. 36-37).
Notes: 1) Sequoia U was closed in 1958 by Cal Legistlature for distributing bogus degrees and 2) He attended George Washinton U for 2 years and was placed on academic probation for poor grades. This self-proclaimed "nuclear physicist" failed his only class on molecular and nuclear physics.
L. Ron Hubbard (cont.)
Russell Miller's book, Bare Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard (London, Penguin Books, 1987) - Synopsis, Miller showed that Hubbard attended high school in America while claiming to be traveling Asia. His medical records show that he was never blind or crippled or wounded in WW2, and never pronounced dead!

Bent Corydon's book, L.Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman? (Fort Lee, NJ; Barricade Books, 1992)
Written by ex-scientologist leader in Riverside, Ca.
Includes countless court transcripts, affidavits, and firsthand testimonies that lay many of Hubbard's claims to rest as false!
L. Ron Hubbard (cont)
Personal Integrity
His second wife, Sarah Northrup Hubbard, sued him for divorce on April 23, 1951 in Los Angeles Superior Court

The microfilm of the case mysteriously vanished

A reporter found the original in a storage at the courthouse:

A twenty-eight page complaint to disslove the marriage that began on August 10, 1946.

This was a bigamous marriage (two wives) for Hubbard who was still married to his first wife Margaret Grubb Hubbard. His first marriage was not legally dissolved until one year after his second marriage.

The divorce complaint include: bigamy, sleep deprivation, beatings, strangulation, kidnapping their child and fleeing to Cuba, and Ron counselling her to commit suicide "if she really loved him." (Corydon, Madman or Messiah? p. 302 ff).
L. Ron Hubbard (cont)
Occult Influence
Met second wife Sarah Northrup at Pasadena-based occult meeting led by Jack Parsons, a disciple of Alister Crowley (self proclaimed beast 666)
Letters between Parsons and Crowley mention Hubbard's participation

Hubbard's girlfriend (Sarah Northrup) represented the Babylonian woman in Revelation 17 and ran away with Hubbard before she could fulfill Parson's plan for her.

Scientology defends Hubbard's participation in the occult group claiming he went undercover to infiltrate it under Naval Intelligence orders.

But, why would an undercover agent spoil the cover with a bigamous marriage to Northrup? No record has ever been produced that explains the Scientologist explanation of Hubbard's participation in the occult group.
L. Ron Hubbard (cont)
Hubbard died on January 14, 1986 of a cerebral vascular accident (stroke)
Mary Sue Whip (third wife) at death
Scientologists announced that Hubbard decisively discarded the body to move to the next level of research, outside his body.

How this new research would be made available to planet earth is unsaid.
1. Dianetics: "through thought" or "through the soul" - a science of mind.
2. Nature of mankind: basically good; instinct for all men is survival; man's environmental conditions and painful experiences result in failure.
3. Structure of mind: the analytical mind, reactive mind, somatic mind.
4. Analytic mind: works like a perfect computer and never makes a mistake; it is the "i" of the person.
5. Reactive mind: stimulus/response basis. Holds mental pictures of past experiences called engrams. (subconscious mind)
6. Engram: an image, like a motion picture, of past experiences. The single source of abberation and ills. Engrams make man react insanely in society , they make man ineffective and ill.
7. Somatic mind: keeps body functioning
Definitions (cont)
8. Humanity's problem: The reactive mind interrupts the analytical mind. The analytical mind is the person (I or self) and could run flawlessly if the reactive mind would not interrupt it.
9. Thetan: man's spirit, a cyclical reincarnated entity whose main goal is to escape birth and rebirth and to become an operating thetan free of any surrounding body. A thetan can eventually control MEST by operating free from the body.
10. MEST: matter, energy, space and time, everything but the Thetan is MEST
11. The Solution: Rid the reactive mind of Engrams
12. Clear: a person with no engrams and thus no negative reaction to stimuli
13. Homo Novis: the advanced stage of evolution; a god-like being
14. Auditor: a counsellor who audits engrams through formal counselling
15. E-Meter: an electronic galvanometer to help the auditing process
16. Dianetic Therapy: auditing/counselling holding two cans connected to e-meter. Through Q & A, engrams can be detected and cleared.
Eric Fromm, "Dianetics has no respect for and no understanding of the complexities of personality."

Dr. Fromm revealed that Hubbard had saturated Dianetics in oversimplified statements, half-truths, and plain obsurdities"
(Sann, Delusions, p. 114).
A Clear: a person with no engrams and thus no negative reaction to stimuli
No clear was found until February 1966 when John McMaster was declared the first clear.
Hubbard himself never claimed to be "clear" until sometime after Dianetics was published.
On August 10, 1950, Hubbard rented Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Ca:
a. est. 4,000 people showed up to see the world's first clear
b. Miss Sonya Bianca, a physics student from Boston was declared first clear
c. Fitting with Dianetic Theory, proof she was clear would be demonstrated by her perfect recall.
d. When members of the audience questioned her, she could not remember basic physics formulas or the color of Hubbard's necktie.
e. Hubbard admitted he mistakenly placed her on the "now clear" by calling her to come out now and reasoned she could only recall present "now" information and nothing past.
f. Many Scientologists claim John McMaster the first clear but the Journal of Scientology reports Hubbard cleared 50 people before the article was published (Jan. 15, 1954).
Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard is considered Scripture by Scientologists
1954 Articles of Incorporation also lists tenets of Scientology doctrine
Scientology finds roots in Hinduism:

1. The Veda, the Tao, the Dharma mean "knowingness" and Scientology is the study of knowing how to know

2. Hubbard considered himself the "second Buddah"

3. "Scientology is the extension of the work of Siddhartha Guatama that began about 2500 years ago

4. Buddah predicted his work would be completed in the west 2500 years later ... it is completed in Scientology (Advance, December 1974, p. 5) a record of a taped lecture by Hubbard in 1966.

5. Scientology does not conflict with other religions but clarifies them (Hubbard, Volunteer Ministry Handbook)

6. Hubbard taught that the Christian Bible was the Egyptian book of the dead which predated the New Testament considerably. No evidence supports Hubbard's claim (Hubbard, Phoenix Lectures).
1. Members choose their own concept of God
"We have no dogma in scientology and each person's concept is different ... each person attains his/her own certainty as to who God is and exactly what God means to them" (What is Scientology, The Scientology Catechism, 1979; p. 200)
2. the author of the universe exists. How this is symbolized is dictated by your earthly training and conscience" (IBID, p. 200)
3. man's best evidence for God is the God he finds within himself (Articles of Incorporation, 1954; Section 2h)
4. In Phoenix lectures Hubbard taught the belief in a Supreme God and many gods simultaneously:
"the identity of God or gods"
"There are gods above other gods"
"There is not an argument against a Supreme Being.
1. Jesus Christ is a legend implanted in the thetan a million years ago
(Hubbard, Professional Auditor's Bulletin, p. 31)

2. Jesus did exist but was a mere teacher, equal to the Buddah. Neither Jesus nor the Buddah were Operating Thetan's, they were just a shade above clear (Certainty Magazine, Hubbard; 5:10)

3. Jesus was only a good teacher
"Messiah means mesenger, teacher ... Moses was a great teacher, a Messiah" (Hubbard, Phoenix Lectures, 27-28)

4. Jesus believed in reincarnation
"Jesus was a member of the Essenes who taught reincarnation" (A World Religion, p. 15)
"Jesus never stated his sources. He spoke of them as coming from God. But they might have just as well come from the god talked about in the hymn of the God Child ... the Veda." (Hubbard, Phoenix Lectures, p. 27)
In Dianetics, Hubbard taught that man is born basically good.

In contrast, the Bible teaches that man is basically evil (Romans 3:10)

Scientology on body & soul:
I am not this body, I am the Thetan (soul)
"The Thetan is more than 80 Trillion years old and dwells somewhere in the skull of the individual" (Hubbard, Scientology: The Fundamental Thought, 1972; p. 55)

"When the individual organism dies, the Thetan reports to an implant station (one is on Mars) before being shot down to earth. This is the between lives area. Here he 'reports in' and is given a strong forgetter planter implant, and is then shot down to a body right before it is born" (Hubbard, History of Man, p. 53)
1. Man began his journey 60 trillion years ago

2. First stage of life: Photon Converter which converted light into energy (The PC has nothing to do at night, hence man sleeps)

3. Later came the jellyfish who got tired of being pressed against stones so it developed a shell and became a clam.

4. The clam had two hinges that fought over which would be opened ot closed. This caused engrams. The hinges of the clam later became man's jaws. The barnacle-like spores on the edge of the shell later became man's teeth.

5. Another shellfish called the Weeper or Boohoo adopted two holes for pumping salt waterin and out of the shell. This became man's eyes and explains the intense crying that occurs during audit counselling.

6. Many of man's problems today are directly related to engrams in past lives. Here are some examples:
a. Smoking tobacco dramatizes volcanoes they saw in previous lives
b. Psoriasis is an engram developed when an animal ate you
c. Vegetarians got tired of being eaten in former lives
d. Fear of falling comes from being a sloth and falling out of trees
7. Man is not done with the evolutionary process. He is in the midst of a reincarnation experience that will eventually lead him to homo novis (a god-like being). (Hubbard, History of Man)
Scientologists prefer the term rebirth over reincarnation; although the term reincarnation is mentioned in their writings.

Salvation is to be free from the endless cycle of birth and rebirth; the way to salvation is to erase engrams through auditing.

Some signs of releasing engrams: yawns, tears, sweat, odor, panting, urine, flatulence, vomiting, and excretion. These may indicate a release of engrams but always the case (Hubbard, Science of Survival, 1973; 2:255)

Scientology's evidence for reincarnation include:
a. Extra-terrestrial life
b. evolution of planets and on earth
c. implant stations and forgetter implants
d. engrams
Use at least 5 of the following Bible passages to write an argument that both opposes reincarnation and establishes the superiority of the Christian view of salvation:

Hebrews 9:27 Revelation 20:14
Luke 16:1-31 Revelation 21:1-27
John 3:13;16 John 14
John 8:23
John 20 & 21
1 Corinthians 15
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
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