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Greek Gods, Goddess, Titans, and Deities

No description

dylan guzman

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of Greek Gods, Goddess, Titans, and Deities

Greek Gods, Goddess, Titans, and Deities
Steven Riddle
Nick Sims
Dylan Guzman
Cole Fick
Irving Gonzalez
Per. 2
English 1
Ms. Robbins
October 30, 2015

The younger, titan god of air.
a.) one of three children
b.) other 2 brothers are Pallas and Astraios
c.) whole family was associated with animals
Perses' Symbol
symbol & ????????
God of Destruction
a.) birthplace ??
b.) Krios - father
(Elder of the Pillar)
c.) Eurybia - mother
(Goddess of the Sea)
Backround Information and Interesting Facts
"The Ruler"
a. Ophion means "snake or serpent"
b. He is called "The Ruler because he was the first Titan to rule Olympus with his wife Eurynome.
c. Later in time, Ophion and his wife Eurynome were overthrown by Cronus, a Titan, and Rhea, a Titanide. when they were over thrown they were booted off Mount Olympus into the world stream, called Oceanus.
-Eurynome was a titanide who ruled pasturelands and water-meadows.
-She is also the goddess of the river Neda in Arkadia.
-Her name was named after the Greek word Eurys meaning "wide" or "broad."
His Children
a.) He can move unseen and go unobserved
b.) Has the hunters skill of stalking prey
His parents and siblings
Lelantos' parents are Coeus and Phoebe who are also Major gods
Lelantos is the brother of Leto and Astreia
He had one daughter that is a virgin hunteress and her name is Aura ("breeze")
She is the counterprat of Letos and Artemis
a.Ophion's Birth, Birthplace and Parents
b.Backround Information and Interesting facts
c. Ophion's Siblings
Goddess of Brightness and Radiance
a.) birthplace ??
b.) Uranus- Father (God of The Sky)
c.) Gaia- Mother (Goddess of The Earth)

d.) one of twelve children, had 6 brothers and 5 sisters

Phoebe's Symbol
Phoebe's Symbol is the moon because she was named after one of Saturn's moons
Phoebe's Children
a.) Leto was a Titan Goddess
b.) Asteria was also a Titan Goddess
c.) Protected her during her everlasting punishment/banishment because of jealous Hera
a.) Asteria was the Goddess of Oracles
b.) Who was her husband ?? She later gave birth to Hecate
c.) Asteria was later transformed into a quail because she fell into the Aegan Sea to escape Zeus

c.) Had the ability to transform into an animal of choice
Who is Asteria?
a.) Asteria gave birth to their only child Hecate.
b.) Hecate was the Goddess of Witchcraft, Moon, and Magic
Aaron, Atsma. "Greek Titan God." theoi. Perses, n.d.
Aaron, Atsma. "Greek Titan Goddess." theoi. Phoebe, 30 Oct. 2015
Greek Gods and Goddesses, Deities, Titans and Titanides Presentation by:
Thank you for taking your precious time on this beautiful day before Halloween!
Upcoming Info
Interesting Fact
Perses, the War God, was also known as the "Sack in War"
a.) Phoebes' grandson, Apollo, presided over the prophetic power of Heaven and Light
The goddess of the underworld river.
About Titan Styx
b.Backround info
c.Parents and siblings
About Styx's
a. Birth place unknown
Upcoming Information
a. Bithplace
b. Parents and siblings
c.Intresting facts
Ophion's Birth, Birthplace, and Parents
a. Ophion's birthplace is quite bizarre, but he was actually born from an egg.
b. Later on his wife Eurynome transformed him into a grown man.
d.Ophion's Children
e.His Influences
f.Ophion's Symbols and Strengths
c. Ophion's parents are Uranus and Gaea
d. Some stories say that after he was overthrown he changed his name to "Oceanos."
d. He is fairly related to the Titan god "Oceanus", whos mother and father are Uranus and Gaea.
Ophion's Siblings
Ophion's Children
Ophion's Influences
Ophion's Symbols and Strengths
a. Stories say that ophion set fire to a void, then appeared his wife Eurynome and they started to make little serpent babies.(creating world eggs)
b. He also was the father of the centaur Amycus.
"Father of Victory"
Pallas's Birth, Birthplace, and Parents
Backround Information and Interesting Facts
Pallas's Siblings
Pallas's Children
Pallas's Influences
Pallas's Symbols and Strengths
b.Pallas's parents are Krios and Eurybia.
a.Pallas means "to wield or brandish a spear"
b. He was the Titan god of warcraft.
c. He was also known as the Father of Victory, Strength, Rivalry, and Power.
d. His wife's name was Styx.
a. He had two brothers Astraeus and Perses
b. Astraeus was the Titan god of the stars and planets.
c. Perses was the Titan god of destruction.
a. His children were Zelos, Nike, Kratos, and Bia.
b. Nike was the Goddess of victory.
c. Kratos was the God of strength and might.
a. He was born during a bloody battle when the Titans were fighting against Zeus.
a. One of Ophion's supposively close related "brother" Oceanus who was an old ancient Greek God.
f. Symbols and strengths
a. victory, strength, rivalry
b. loves battling openents
b. She was the first born and oldest of all her sisters.
Styx's parents and siblings
c. 1st generation of titanides
a.Born to the parents of Ocaenus (God of ocean) and Tethys (God of fresh water).
a. Ruler, Leader, King
b.Was one daughter of 3,000 and was the oldest
a. The snake symbols Fertility and Immortality
b. It also represents Temptation, Chaos, and Healing
b. Very first ruler of Olympus
c. A minor planet was named after him.
a. Styx married her own cousin Pallas
b. She had 4 Children
Zelos, Nike, Bia and Kratos
c. Styx's children are forever honored by Zeus and make them their home where ever Zeus resides
Styx death, after the Great War was honored by Zeus and was given her the streams the agent of the binding oath of the gods
The body of water in the Underworld which the souls of dead are ferried
Titan Goddess of Motherhood & Modesty
About Leto the Titan
a. Her birthplace
b. Background info
c. Parents and Siblings
d. Children
e. Influences
f. Symbols and Strengths
About Leto
a.Birthplace is unknown
b. Second generation of Titan Gods and Goddesses
c. May have been a goddess of the night, like her sister Asteria or she may have been a goddess of the light
a. Born to the parents of Coeus (the Titan of Intellegence) and Phoebe (Titan goddess of prophecy and oracular intellect.
b.) She was known for her hunting skills
Interesting facts
Titan Goddess of the oracles and prophecies of the night, including prophetic dreams, the reading of the stars (astrology), and necromancy.
Became the island known as Delos where Leto gave birth to twins Apollo and Artemis.
God of Music
God of Healing and Medicine
God of Light
God of Truth
Goddess of Chastity
Goddess of Virginity
Goddess of the Hunt
Goddess of the Moon
Goddess of the Environment
Astronimical Symbol
Symbol of Astronomy
Interesting Facts
c. His father, "Krios" was the God of stars and constellations
a.) She possessed the gift of Prophecy
a. Gave birth to
Apollo and Artemis on the island Delos
She was married to Coeus
Known for Power, Strength, and Victory
b. Her alternate name is Latona
lelantos symbol
his symbol is a wolf.
Interesting Facts
b.) Artemis, her grand daughter, was the Olympian Goddess of Hunting
His name was derived from the Greek words lêthô, lanthanô, and lelathon, meaning "to escape notice," "move unseen" or "go unobserved."
To scholars, the etymology of his name may have implied that Lelantos was possibly the Titan god of air and the unseen, presiding over the subtle breezes of the wind.
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She gave birth under a palm tree
Rooster was next to her during birth.
Taft, Michael. Greece: Greek Gods and Goddesses, New York: Britannica Educational Publishing, 2014. Print
a.) He was one of the extraordinary war Gods worshipped by the Ancient Greeks, known as the God of Destruction
b.) He was featured as a supernatural being possessing great magical and mystical powers
a.) Titan Goddess of Brightness and Radiance
b.) She was known for being Prophetic
c.) She became the third Prophet of the Oracle of Delphi
his birthplace is unknown
One of many Gigantes
About Gigante Syceus
b. Back round info
c. Parents and siblings
d. Children
e. Influences
f. Symbols
Birth of Syceus
a. Born to Gia (God of Earth)
b.Some say born from farther Tartaros the hell pit
c.Or was born from the blood of the castrated Ouranos (Heaven)
"lelantos."Greek Mythology. 30 Oct. 2015
Backround Info
a. His mother protected him and hid him in her bossom
b. He is now the first ever fig-tree
Parents and Siblings
b. Father Tartarus (God of Hell)
a. Born to his mother Gaea (God of Earth
c. His siblings were all of the Gigantes children of Tartarus and Gaea
His mother for protected him after the war when Zeus wanted him
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