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Writing a Text Response - Truman Show

No description

Gary Carcarello

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Writing a Text Response - Truman Show

Text Response Writing
Step 1 – Pick a Contention
A Contention is the MAIN IDEA of an essay...

The essay is a piece of writing that communicates a MAIN IDEA – this main idea is called a contention.
Step 2 – Plan your Supporting Arguments
Supporting Arguments are the ideas that back up your contention.

They are the REASONS that support your CONTENTION.
Step 3 – Evidence
The evidence is the PROOF that you have for each supporting argument.

Without PROOF, you won’t convince your reader that your CONTENTION is true!!
Writing your introduction
ntroduce the Text, Author
and Key Themes

arrow down to the topic

ell them your contention

aise your Supporting Arguments

ff you go!
Writing Body Paragraphs

Topic Sentence: Introduce your Supporting

- Evidence - Use
and examples from the
text to validate your argument and ideas.

E -
Explanation - Explain
the evidence
your argument and explores the key themes

- Link the argument back to your contention
Your SAMPLE Topic:

‘How does The Longest Memory explore the importance of history and memory?’


The conclusion ties everything together and finishes the essay. It includes strong statements that emphasise your central argument and provide a clear response to the topic

C -
Contention comes first

O -
Outline your arguments again

- Nicely end it with a closing sentence

For assessment purposes, you are required to analyse how a selected text constructs meaning, conveys ideas and values, and is open to a range of interpretations.

To 'analyse' means that you are required to determine how the text works on any number of levels beyond its obvious aspects. The marker will assume that you understand the basic story and the characters involved. You must avoi

Underline the key/main words in the topic.

Defined the main words (by brainstorming what you think they mean and looking them up in the dictionary)

Re-write the topic in your own words

Brainstorm- write down any themes, issues, quotes, events that the topic suggesting to you. Remember no idea is too silly to put down during a brainstorm!

When you have finished use your highlighters or coloured pencils to group the ideas that are alike.

Write your contention

List your three best arguments/ideas
Priam’s quest shows that there are greater acts of courage than those achieved in battle’. Discuss

Priam-taking ‘a chance’
Somax helping Priam
Achilles showing mercy to Priam
Women’s role

Learning Intention:

Understand the structure and expectations
of a text response.

Understand how to incorporate evidence,
cultural values and film techniques into
a text response.
‘The Longest Memory explores the ways in which cruelty poisons our lives.'

How does the text demonstrate this?
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