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Notes from the Midnight Driver

No description

Sabrina van Tilborgh

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Notes from the Midnight Driver

Main Characters
: scrawny, 16, geek, green eyes, brown hair, likes to play guitar, goes from irresponsible to more responsible, likes Laurie, bothered by parents' divorce, a bit of a loner.

: old, skinny, metallic grey hair, blue eyes, unibrow, red face, thin lips, big, hooked nose (shnoz), bitter man, wise, bit of a bully, loves to use Jiddish to annoy others.

: 5 ft tall, looks like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, blond hair, upturned button nose, blue eyes, little mouth, slightly pointed ears, gymnast body, takes karate lessons 3 nights a week, follows class in Chinese hand weapon combat, wears all black baggy clothes, 3 rings in left eyebrow, has a temper.

: dark hair, old-fashioned bun, tiny black-framed glasses, hates drunk driving, wears mascara, is righteous.
Family and Friendship

Love and Hurt


Growing up
Driving Under Influence

Sentenced to Community Service

Start of a Difficult Relationship with Sol

Solomon's Key - Concert

Sadie Hawkings Ball

Letter Correspondence with Judge/Judy

Solomon's Last Performance
New Year's Eve Party

Jazz Concert at the Home

Solomon and Judy Reunite

Solomon's Memorial
Image by Tom Mooring
Build-up of Tension
Notes from the Midnight Driver
The story is told chronologically.
Though, you
have the part
where Solomon talks about his past.
September through May

Egbert P. Johnson Memorial Home
Alex's house
Alex's school
Book Trailers
First Person View
This way it's still a mystery what the other characters think.
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