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MLA Style

No description

Jennifer Heinke

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of MLA Style

MLA Style
Why do you think people use formatting?
Why MLA?
Gives a format to structure paper writing in the humanities and liberal arts.
In-Text Citation
Direct Quotes
Pop Quiz
Answer the following questions writing your answers in your notebook.
Basic Guidelines
Font: Times New Roman
Type Size: 12 pt.
Good vs Bad Writing
Practice you writing skills by identifying the errors and re-writing the sentence.
MLA Style
But first...
Helps eliminate plagiarism.
This structure gives guidelines on how to give credit to the work of others by creating:
A Works Cited page
In-text citations.
Indirect Quotes
What do you think MLA style formatting is?
What are some examples of MLA formatting style?
Look at the two examples above. What do you notice about the structure of direct quotes? How do they function in the paragraph? (Minimum 4 ideas)
puts words in quotation marks
Identifies the author and page number in brackets.
uses periods with and without brackets
Worked into author's own words to support their own ideas.
Read the two examples above. What do you notice about the structure of indirect quotes? How does it function in the paragraph?
Directly using the words of another person
to express your idea.
Writing about other people's ideas
in your own words.
Does not use quotations (except when referring to titles of documents).
Describes information using different words from an original source
Identifies author and page number in brackets
Uses "et al" and "qtd. in"
Gives evidence for an idea by citing an original source.
Does not directly quote the author.
Directly quotes the author
Has a space between the author and page number
Includes year of publication in the text
Last name and page number
First and last name
Teacher's name
Class name and number
Due date of assignment
Indent new paragraphs
Double space lines
Direct Indirect
Today's Goals
1. Thesis statements (corrections)
2. Find the mistakes in the following citations
1. How does MLA style give structure to a paper?
2. Why is it important to give credit to the ideas of others?

3. The order of the citation below is mixed up. Write the correct form for the citation by putting it in order.
4. What are 3 things that should be on the first page of your essay?
Web. 28 Feb. 2014. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. "The MLA Style Manual". Wikimedia Foundation. Dec. 2013.
Meyer, Stephanie. Twilight. Little Brown, 2005. Print.
Poe, Edgar Allan. "The Raven."
The Works of Edgar Allan Poe.
Comp. David Widger. Vol. 5. Oxford Benediction Classics, 2011. N. pag. Project Gutenberg, 10 Nov. 2012. Web.
Grimm, Jacob, and Wilhelm Grimm.
Grimm's Grimmest
. Comp. Tracy Dockray. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle. 2005. 116-21. Print.
1. Try and identify the type of source for each citation (i.e. A book, a website, an anthology
2. MLA Formatting
3. Good vs Bad Writing activity
Peer Editing (?)
What do you notice?
for examples the very running of the lottery is closely controled by men in the town and women are only allowed to take a slip if they do have a husband or boy who is of age to draw for them. One of the themes running through the story, The Lottery is that of traditional gender role.
One of the themes running through the story,
The Lottery
is that of traditional gender roles.

or exampl
the very running of the lottery is closely control
ed by men in the town and women are only allowed to draw a slip if they do
have a husband or boy who is of age to draw for them.
(Jackson 101)
What do you know about paraphrasing (indirect) and direct citation?
Thesis Statements
3. Error: Subject but no, opinion or argument. Also, false subject.

Re-write: The Lottery is a short story about how traditions can corrupt otherwise good people.

1. Error: Not specific, vague, there is not argument or opinion.

Re-write: In the short story,
The Story of an Hour
the theme of marriage is discussed as a loss of freedom and a means of oppression for women.
2. Error: Has subject “irony” but, not specific/no opinion. Stated as a fact and not an argument.

Re-write: Poe uses irony in his short story, The Tell-Tale Heart to reinforce the madness of the character. (or: as a device that demonstrates the guilt of the main character).
What do you notice?
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