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Sherrie French - Creative Resume

Please use the arrows at the bottom to proceed through the presentation. You can turn the background music off using the speaker button on the bottom left of the presentation. ENJOY!

Sherrie French

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Sherrie French - Creative Resume

Sherrie French is a
My written resume includes important
details about my roles and experience.

This Prezi highlights some of the more
creative aspects of each role.
Trainer & Technical Support
at Steelcase Inc.
5/98 - 8/01
Special Projects Coordinator
at Dots LLC
2/01 - 6/06
Trainer & E-Learning Developer
at Austin Powder Company
6/06 - 8/08
of Bright Idea Solutions
8/08 - 7/09
Sr. Marketing Specialist
at Alliance Enterprises Inc.
7/09 - 6/13
While working as a software
trainer, I wrote a newsletter
for the users, to address
technical support issues
and market new features.
I created fun quarterly sales contests for
store employees, from concept to prizes
and implementation. Some of my favorite
contest collateral includes a travel folder
for a holiday contest and a scratch-off
ticket for a summer contest.
When Dots underwent its largest rebranding initiative I worked with
the Marketing Planner to brainstorm and plan the company's largest company meeting. Because the company's focus was to sell to the "diva" we held all our meetings and events in a downtown dance club and comedy club, with an improv group as entertainment for opening night. What a blast!
Creating interesting scenarios
for training classes is
important to holding a
learner's interest. I worked
with my team to create
scenarios that required learner
interaction, such as games
like Jeopardy
I consulted with a small company
to develop materials for a book
and workshop they wrote for
managing people in a small business.
When a client wanted a better way
to convey company policy to employees
I created a presentation
that allowed them to navigate to
areas of interest on the company
intranet whenever a question of
policy came up.
As part of a marketing campaign
for a new software product I wrote
and produced a video for our website
that provided an entertaining overview
of what the product did and
why the customer needed it!
"Sherrie is this and that"

Jeff Ostrander
- Former Manager
"Sherrie is this and that"

Jeff Ostrander
- Former Manager
"Sherrie attacks
projects with zeal
and enthusiasm."

Michelle Vukcevich
- Former Austin Colleague
- Business Application Instructor
"Sherrie has met all
challenges with equal
success, usually with
a smile, a clever remark
and a giggle."

Tim Schaaf
- Former Manager
- Director of Training
"Sherrie thinks creatively to consider
the range of possible solutions to
business issues."

Joe Gross
- Former Client
- Owner of HR & Policy Solutions
When leadership wanted a
lasting way to share the Company
Values and Mission with staff
I created a photo cube with the
values and mission combined with
photos of lighthouses (which was
the company theme)
My personal interests almost
always involve some sort of
creative pursuit
(check out my blog)
When Steelcase held the Grand Opening
for its new training center
(Steelcase University) I developed a
Fraternity/Sorority theme for my department's booth. We wore
propeller hats, served root beer
from a keg and gave away
bar coasters -
it was so much fun!
We created a training video
to teach store employees
the finer points of selling.
I videotaped, edited and
produced the video, which
was a big hit with employees!
I developed E-learning courses that taught staff to use new equipment. Each included decision-making to keep it interesting.
Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate through the Prezi
I love photography
and making
photo books
I collect wood pieces
and made this clock
from one of my
Lately I've been
making more whimsical
things, like this UP
inspired wall decor
If you're looking for a creative
professional, give me a call!

To view my resume and portfolio:
Visual creativity and inventive solutions are
some of my favorite tools for developing
EFFECTIVE communication that does more than
share information, but INSPIRES and MOTIVATES!
I'm passionate about COMMUNICATION!
Created with
Microsoft Pagemaker
Created with
Adobe Illustrator
Edited and produced
with Roxio Videowave
Developed with
PowerPoint and
Created with
Microsoft Pagemaker
Created with PowerPoint
Developed with
PowerPoint and
with Adobe PhotoShop and
"Sherrie is an out of the box
thinker. She's quick with new
ideas and excellent at
follow through."
Anita Diomede
- Former colleague
- Dots Store Marketing Planner
After completing several large contracts that required a lot of time
and hard work, leadership wanted to acknowledge staff's dedication with
a special memento. I created this coin, based on the concept of challenge coins
given to military members involved in various missions and events.
The CEO handed each staff member their coin with a certificate
of appreciation at a special event.
To view my resume and portfolio:
(And if you care to hear the background music make sure the volume is turned up)
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