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Copy of SENZ Courses 2013

No description

Tasha Hohaia

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of SENZ Courses 2013

SENZ Courses 2013 Courses Available 2013: Rugby League Academy Success Through Sport Success Through Fitness Why SENZ? Process of Enrolment Rugby League Academy
Success Through Sport
Success Through Fitness Our objective is to assist you in becoming the best possible Rugby League player that you can be.

We will help you explore the physical and mental challenges that it takes to become a top Rugby League player. You will learn important skills in coaching, refereeing, nutrition and Programme development. In this course you will learn important skills: coaching, refereeing, nutrition and Programme development.

Our objective is to assist you in becoming the best possible player in your chosen sport. You will also gain the necessary skills to pursue a sporting career or alternatively a stepping stone towards tertiary study. In this course you will learn the basics of Fitness Instruction, Nutrition, as well as Anatomy and Physiology.

Our objective is to give you foundational knowledge that will prepare you for further study in the area of Personal Training. Your involvement:

Help booking interview
Liaising with family
Attendance at interview
SENZ give you an update during trial period Length: 45 weeks if under 18, 26 weeks if 18+
Cost: Free
Ages: 16- 25
Location: Mt Smart

Qualification: National Certificate in Recreation and Sport Levels 2 & 3 and NCEA Levels 1 &2. Length: 45 weeks
Cost: Free
Ages: 16- 17
Location: Mt Smart

Qualification: National Certificate in Recreation and Sport Levels 2 & 3, and NCEA Levels 1 & 2. Length: 45 weeks
Cost: Free
Ages: 18- 25
Location: Manukau

Qualification: National Certificate in Fitness Level 2 and NCEA Levels 1 & 2. Success Stories:
Dereck Sitia
Enele Toleafoa
Saulala Houma Referral from WINZ/Teacher/ Youth Worker/coach Enrol Contact SENZ for an appointment and an application form Visit SENZ offices for an interview Trial Period 5 days Dereck came onto the Rugby League Academy when he was 18 years of age, with low numeracy and literacy and wanted to do something within the Sports, Recreation or Fitness industries.

We sat down, looked at his goals and set a plan based around his Individual learning plans. I found that Derreck had a real shift in attitude and took on more responsibilities in the classroom, really developing into a leadership role amongst his peers in the classroom. He headed a group in conjunction with One Tree Hill College that took on coaching ear 9 students at the school which was a real success.

Derreck not only completed and graduated from the programme but received one of the three top awards in Senz for Effort and Diligence.

Derreck is currently enrolled with the Auckland University of Technology completing his Diploma in Sport and Recreation. Enele came onto the Rugby League Programme when he was 17 years old and 151 kg. I asked him what his goals were and he mentioned that he wanted to lose weight. I told him that we needed to sit down together and set some goals. After some time together he decided that he wanted to get down to a weight of 115kg.

I asked him when the last time he was this weight, and he said when he was in intermediate school. I gave him a time frame to complete his goal and mentioned that he would be exited from the programme if he didn’t reach it, but we sat down and planned how this would be achieved .

Enele came into class the morning of June 30th (late, I might add) and hopped on the scales to find that he was 115.2kg, Enele had lost 36kgs in 21weeks.

From there Enele represented Auckland under 18’s for the very first time in his life and then went on to represent the Samoan under 18’s tournament team. Enele has recently returned from Brisbane after a rugby league contract took him there in 2011. Saulala Houma Came onto the programme when he was a 19years old and had recently lost his father, it seemed he needed some direction as he didn’t really have a purpose or goal that he was heading towards.

After sitting down with him and working through his Individual learning plans, I realised that Saulala came from a Rugby Union background and after doing some initial fitness, agility and speed and power tests I realised that he had some very good rugby League skills that could potentially have him playing at higher levels of sports.

After finishing the programme, Saulala made the Auckland Men’s rugby league team before being awarded the National Men’s Rugby League player of the year, and was given a position into the ‘train on’ squad with the Vodafone Warriors. In 2011, Saulala made the Vodafone warriors squad in which his contract has been extended into 2012. Lindsay Tepana Sepeti Tatau Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr BUILDING
FUTURES All our courses are
NZQA approved,
and you can apply for a
FREE travel allowance
while studying at SENZ! Derreck Siitia Enele Toleafoa Saulala Houma
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