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How does rap music affect teens?

No description

lindsey eubanks

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of How does rap music affect teens?

How Does Rap Music Affect Teens?
I believe that rap music has an affect on teens such as, playing with teens emotions, influencing how teens dress and act, and most rap songs are about drugs, alcohol abuse, sex and have a lot of foul language.
Influences teens emotions
It is mostly about drugs, alcohol abuse, and sex
It influences kids to drink, or do stuff to sound cool like the song and the rappers.
How they dress and act
Teens could be bullied because they don't dress like certain rappers.

We listen to music all the time, music can play with our emotions
If teens were struggling in life , and listening to a suicidal song they could kill themselves.
How we feel determines on what type of music were going to listen to, if rap music was giving off bad messages, then it may cause teens to do something they mite regret .
Teens may be tempted to do something that the rapper stated in his song.
Teens start cussing to sound like the rapper and the song.
Rappers could be going out and drinking, partying, doing drugs etc, and since most teens listen to rap they would think it's ok to go out and drink, party and do drugs.
If rappers are being rude or violent, then teens think it's ok to be rude and violent.

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In conclusion I believe that rap music has an affect on teens, it influences teens emotions, is mostly about drugs, alcohol abuse and sex and how they dress and act.
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