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Katy's Timeline

No description

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Katy's Timeline

Katy's Timeline
Move to Buda
In August 2005 my family moved from McKinney to Buda. We spent the summer living in hotels and visiting family members in Missouri and Kansas while we waited for our house to be built.
Girl Scouts
I began Girl Scouts in a pilot pre-school program that only lasted that year. So i am one of a very few girls that got to begin Scouting early
Began Competitive Swim
I joined Hays Swim Club when I was six. I started swimming year-round that fall. I have competed all over the State and my goal is to swim in the 2020 Olympics
SMA & Beyond
The Baby Years
I was born July 4th, 2001, I was born at 8:03 am. I was 8lbs 9.5oz. I was supposed to be named Jacqueline Rose Heldstab, but just before I was born I was renamed Katharyn Rose Heldstab.
Firecracker Baby
Being born on the 4th of July is always a fun birthday, the entire country stops to celebrate with parades, picnics, and best of all FIREWORKS!
I was baptized on September 9th 2001. at Wesley United Methodist in McKinney, TX
My Baptism
Team Leader
I am a leader on my Tsunami team and I was just invited to join the Seniors team
Started Kindergarten
I began Kindergarten in 2006 at Buda Elementary School. I stayed there until I completed 2nd Grade
Home school
I began my Home school career at the beginning of Third Grade. I have done One Day Academy, Co-ops and even participated in a Shakespeare Theater Troupe that won our age group in a competition at the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days performance in Houston.
I earned my Bronze Award in 2012 by hosting a "Give a kid a Smile" program at Buda Dental. We taught kids about dental health and hygiene. My goals are to earn the Silver & Gold Awards as well and to be a Lifetime Scout.
My Fastest time so far is a "BB" Time. It is for 50 Free and it is 30.30 sec. .
I am 0.91 sec. away from an "A" time
I am always growing as a leader with everything I do as a Girl Scout. This summer I was a day camp counselor for three weeks at the Girl Scout camp at Zilker Park.
I have been to lots of cool places with Girl Scouts through the years:
* NASA * Galveston Beach
*USS Lexington *TX State Aquarium
* Fort Worth Zoo & Stockyards
* Savannah, GA *Washington DC

and plan to see & do LOTS more all over the world!
This is my first year at SMA and I am excited to do sports and excel in school. My career goal is to be an orthodontist and an Olympic swimmer when I am an adult.
I adopted two kittens this year for my birthday. Their names are Lynx & Luna.
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