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Vladimir Lenin Project

honors world history final project

Sidney Duong

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Vladimir Lenin Project

Early Life
* born April 10, 1870 as the third child of six in Simbirsk, Russia

*birth name was Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (he would adopt the name Lenin in 1901 while doing underground party work) By Sidney Duong Early Life Continued *there would be 2 major events that would happen to Lenin and his family

*January 1886, Lenin's father died of a stroke @ 53

*the more significant event: in 1887, his older brother Aleksandr, was arrested for being part of group planning to assassinate czar Alexander III

*@ 17, became the man of the house and will be closely watched by the police because of Aleksandr *enrolled @ Kazan University to study law though was expelled for a minor student demonstration

*continued studies @ St. Petersburg University where he soon passed his bar Vladimir Ilich Lenin Vladimir and Olga *rowdy, self-centered, confident, and smart child

*parents were Maria Aleksandrovna and Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov

*well educated family Lenin Early Life Again October (November) Revolution *Alexander Kerensky became leader of Provisional Government in 1917 Reds VS. Whites: Russian Civil War 1918-1922 Changes of Russia *launched massive campaign for education Later Years *suffers a stroke in May 1922, and then a second one in December of that year

*March 10. 1923, additional stroke

*January 21, 1924 Lenin dies in the village now known as Gorki Leninskiye

*his corpse is embalmed and is placed in a mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square Kameniv & Lenin after 2nd stroke Lenin after first
stroke in 1922 Young Revolutionist *after being expelled and before passing his bar; Lenin was exiled to his grandfather's estate

*Lenin began reading radical literature

*after receiving his law degree, Lenin moved to Samara

*in time, focused more energy on revolutionary politics & left Samara in mid-1890's to St. Petersburg (capital at time) Young Revolutionist continued *Lenin then began to take increasing active roles in activities w/ other Marxists

*in 1895, Lenin and several other Marxists leaders were arrested of their activities

*exile to Siberia for 3 years and married his future wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya

*Lenin will eventually become the leader of the Bolsheviks *Lenin has come home from Finland with his wife (April 16, 1917) *many people had wanted change = group of peaceful demonstratives wanted to bring it up to the Czar Nicholas II *The Reds: Lenin and his Bolsheviks w/ organizational genius Leon Trotsky
The Whites: army officers, bourgeoisie, the Allies, and others who opposed the Bolsheviks

*secret Red police began Red Terror

*1918: the entire family of Nicholas II was executed and following August there was an assassination attempt on Lenin

*in 1919, Whites could barely count on the Allies support

*Whites and Reds clashed and fought; in Sviazhsk = Reds came out the winners

*1921:famine erupted; peasants staged riots, killing representatives of authority

*in the end, the Reds were victorious *After seizing the Winter Palace from Kerensky and securing
his power, Lenin immediately made peace w/ Germany:Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March *private property will no longer exist and all land would belong to the state Effects of Lenin's Death *Soviet Russia under Lenin was the first country in the world to legalize homosexuality and abortion *Lenin passed reform called New Economic Policy (a modified version of the old capitalist system), which was to help the country get back on it's feet *by 1928, agricultural and industrial production had been restored Allies intervene Reds w
s *during the Russian Revolution, part of WWI was occurring *Trotsky vs. Stalin=Joseph Stalin's rise to power after Lenin's death Russia * by 1900, Russia was the 4th largest producer of steel

*socialist parties developed--> Marxist Social Democratic party but government suppressed them

*finally tensions of country exploded & a group of protesters went to Winter Palace on January 22, 1905

*Bloody Sunday caused many strikes throughout Russia from workers Nicholas II's Mistakes *Russian-Japanese War

*Bloody Sunday (January 1905)

*Disbanding the Duma

*getting involved with WW1


*didn't understand his people *process of arts and science came to halt Lenin and nephew, Victor Lenin and wife Lenin and cat *when Lenin died, Stalin telegraphed Trotsky who was away *Trotsky was the more likeable though he was no match for Stalin *Lenin didn't want Stalin to succeed him because he thought his motives were evil and wanted Trotsky to carry on for him *Influenced: Ho Chi Ming , Mao Zedong, and Fidel Castro
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