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Modern Mythology

mythological influences in modern companies

Benjamin Standing

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Modern Mythology

The titans were the supreme beings before the greek pantheonj took over. This is the name of a Home improvement company. Zeus' Lightning bolt is seen in Gatorades logo. Zeus helmets protect many riders as they face danger. Zeus Cleaning Services keep your floors and countertops looking like Zeuses Bolt. The Suzuki Zues is the swiftest bike out there. Only true gods would dare ride it. Posiedon was the god of the sea. Kinda fits that a diving company would use his sacred name. These resorts are everywhere. (Hopefully not underwater). This management has a grip on its company better than atlas has on the world. This is the symbol of Atlas Geography. Who better to examine the world than the one who holds it every single day. These thermal coatings are hotter than atlas himself. I bet he's pretty chiseld from holding the world by now. Atlas Householding Inc. ... Lucky the gods reduced his punishment. I really don't know why a paper mill is named Atlas, but it is. Who better to light your house than the god of light? Apollo was a great archer, as depicted in this energy company's logo. This car is the swiftest known to the world. The Ferarri Apollo. Only 40 ever made, very expensive too. Apollo solutions is the best of the best in computer needs. They get the job done. Apollo was the "Greekiest of the Greeks", and Apollo Fitness makes you "the Strongest of the strong." Ares Airsoft is the baddest of all the other airsoft companies. You don't want to mess with these warmongers. Mars was another name for Ares, and now you can enjoy the god of war in lucious chocolatey form. This is a wallpaper of the game "God of War", it is about him fighting all the gods and such. A must have for 2010. Hermes was a swift messenger, well organized I would assume. This thing keeps you efficient AS you look good. Genious. Only a few thousand dollars too! Goodyear provides great tires for millions of americans. This company keeps people moving. They use the foot and shoe of Hermes as their symbol. Nike was the Goddess of Victory, she wore the finest products at all times. With the strongest arm, second only to Achilles, he took the modeling job for this cleaning brand. Achilles wouldn't sign. Atlantis was the city in the sea. Atlantis Submarines is set on finding this mystic city. This research company is also in the race to find Atlantis. Stargate Atlantis is a hit show on the Scifi channel. The cast finds Atlantis, and there is a "Warp Gate" in it that allows access to many more civilizations around the universe. The Olympus Camera is the only camera that Zeus uses. Any other brand is unworthy in Olympus. This is a great company to start your business in. They have a great view from way up there. This Capital Management company eats up the compitition like it has three heads. Cerberus is depicted here in the hit game of 2007, "Kingdom heart." I own the game, and its great. The Bugatti Chiron is the fastest of all the Bugatti family, similar to how Chiron is the greatest of all the centaurs. Kraken rum; so vicious, it seems like the kraken itself is in every bottle. The Honda Odessy. Yeah, so big it can hold the whole Odessy. Not sure how or why there is a store named Argo Extra, but apparently there is somwhere. I'll bet theres a Jason in this one somewhere. The Norse Mythology Section Greek Mythology Section Valhalla is the Home of Odin, and all fallen warriors. I'm sure they have a lot of failed games in there, cause i have never heard of them before. Odin is the God of the Sky. He makes this brew himself. His gift to all norsemen. Odin technologies breaks through every cloud that comes its way. It stinks for the clouds. Thor Body Armor keeps the other millions that Zeus cursed, safe. If you ever offroad, you better wear this gear. It's as safe as a padded room. My Dad loved this game before he started on his addiction to World of Warcraft. In it you start in the world of the dead, and fight your way out of Baldur's Gate. Modern Influences in Modern Companies and Society: A Semi-Comical Overview of 40 God-Approved Products I Hope You Enjoyed:)
-Ben Standing
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