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Cortez and Pizarro's conquest of the Americas

Kale Blickenstaff

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Conquistadors

Los Conquistadors
I will examine the conquests of Hernan Cortes and Fransisco Pizarro.
Cortez is a Spanish conquistador who arrives in Mexico in 1519.
The Aztecs emperor was named Moctezuma (Montezuma).
The Aztec believed Cortes was a returning god and initially lavished him with gifts.
Cortes and tribes he allied with marched on Tenochtitlan.
Cortes is initially defeated by the Aztecs, in 1519.
In 1521, Cortes returns and captures Tenochtitlan renaming the capital city Ciudad de Mexico.
Mexico City
Pizarro is a Spanish conquistador who arrives in South America in 1532.
The Inca emperor's name was Atahaulpa.
Pizarro tried and failed to convert Atahualpa to Christianity.
The Spanish kidnap Atahualpa and hold him for ransom.
He offers them a room of gold "up to here" and two more of silver for his release.
Atahualpa was killed after the Spanish recieved their riches. *Conflicting accounts*
Pizarro establishes Lima as the new Spanish capital in South America.
How were these civilizations conquered so easily?
Which would you rather have?
Native Allies
Aztec Legend
Inca Civil War
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