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UAEM Overview

Introductory overview of UAEM and CMU Chapter

Justin Mendoza

on 31 March 2012

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Transcript of UAEM Overview

Universities Allied For Essential Medicines
Central Michigan University Chapter What is an essential medicine? Essential Medicines are medicines which can save lives. These medications are usually available to developed nations, like the US, but not in developing nations.

Many of the disease affecting the world are diseases of poverty, or neglected diseases. Of these diseases, there are limited treatments, some of which are very dangerous, and some that just don't exist at all. Why aren't these drugs available? Many of these drugs are expensive, and that makes access for people in poor nations almost impossibe. What are diseases of poverty
or neglected diseases? Neglected diseases are diseases which effect an area called the "Global South," the nations that don't have a large amount of money. Why are we lacking drugs for Neglected diseases? There is simply no money in it. Pharmaceutical companies can make more money selling drugs for canine depression than they can by developing a drug that saves nations of people from leishmaniasis, with no money from sales, there is no profit for pharmaceuticals. No profit for pharmaceuticals means no incentive to invest in development. This leads to the research and development gap. Neglected Tropical Diseases Buruli Ulcer

American Trypanosomiasis- Chagas Disease

Breakbone Fever- Dengue haemorrhagic fever

Guinea Worm Disease- Dracunculiasis


African Sleeping Sickness- Human African trypanosomiasis

Black Fever- Leishmaniasis Leprosy

Elephantiasis- Lymphatic filariasis

River Blindness- Onchocerciasis

Snail Fever- Schistosomiasis

Trachoma Why Universities? Universities are the first step. Success Story with d4t MSF talked to Students at Yale, and UAEM was born

Students pushed through advocacy to get their administration to agree to global access and allow generic competition of drugs, with d4t as the first one.

Yale officials gave in in 2001, and now the cost of d4t is down to around $55 per person per year. d4t (Stavudine) is a part of ARV therapy for AIDs.

It was developed by Scientists at Yale a little over ten years ago.

It initially cost in excess of $15,000 per person per year. MSF approached Yale and was told that in order to change the price, Bristol-Meyer Squibbs (the patent holder) had to be talked to. Bristol-Meyer Squibbs said the only way to lower the cost was to talk to Yale What are we working on at CMU? Global Access at CMU! So How Do we get Global Access to CMU? Global Health Curriculum CMU Medical School Founding Dean Dr. Yoder, has announced publicly that we will be featuring global health in the future medical school curriculum. The plan is that UAEM will be involved in the development of this curriculum. There has already been talk amongst a couple professors about a collaborative approach to teaching a class in the future. There is no them, there is only us. Global and Local Healthcare Disparities
Conference on April 2-3, 2011 Event was a huge success! Lots of faculty came to the conference, including President George Ross,who gave our welcome remarks and stayed for the first couple talks.

Some faculty have stepped forward and shown their support towards GALF and SPS at CMU.

Faculty are excited about global health at cmu.

Speakers fielded very good questions, and the brainstorming sessions led to a lot of good planning. Global Access is currently not endorsed at CMU. As a developing university, with a new medical school and new programs starting soon, we have a unique opportunity to be an innovator in global access in our state. Plans for 2011-2012 A great starting point is to get our university to adopt the statement of principles and strategies, and to endorse Global Access Licensing Framework.

Then, we can form global access policy. A.C.E. Action: Primary focus is Global Access at CMU, but also encorporates fundraising, raising awareness, and continuing important conversations about curriculum and themed semesters. Communication:

Launching a new Blog, informing the campus with classroom presentations, and streamlining our information to our members. Education:
By hosting a symposium in Spring 2012, by putting on talks in collaboration with other groups on campus. Meet The Eboard President Justin Mendoza
Biomedical Science/Neuroscience Major
I'm a Junior
I enjoy Rock climbing, snowboarding and white water rafting.
For UAEM, I'd like to see us be more efficient and achieve our goals this year. Vice President Priscilla Vargas
Health Administration with a minor in Psychology
Loves watching the Office, Cooking, geocaching, and trying new things.
Really excited about getting our website/Blog up and running, as well as making Global Access more a part of Central’s campus! Secretary Lena Carlson
Biochemistry and Spanish
I like playing Tennis and Reading.
I would like to see us really focus on action this year through fundraising (locally and internationally), educating (by means of spreading the word and inviting speakers), and blogging. I can't wait for us to start our CMU-UAEM blog to keep students and the public informed on our activities, thoughts, and events. Treasurer Samara Spotts
Biomedical Sciences Major
I enjoy drama and acting, and am the 2nd oldest of 8 kids.
I want to see members become activeley involved!! Fundraising Chair Rebeccah Woodke
Miomedical Sciences major with a Chemistry Minor
I'm a Sophomore at CMU
I am a vegetarian. And not the kind who eats seafood- mostly because I am a little afraid of fish...
UAEM Goal: ACTION! I would like to see active engagement in our mission through fundraising for different campaigns, volunteering in health related fields, and pushing for policy changes. Activities Chair Hillary Karbowski
Biology with a minor in leadership
I like gardening.
To bring harmony and happiness to the group, while also sharing our knowledge throughout campus. Historian Rebecca Culver
Majors in Psychology and Public Health
I like cycling and comedians.
Getting general members more involved and working on the academic and curriculum goals for more global health awareness in the classroom. SGA Representative Louis Weems
Biomedical Sciences and Neuroscience
Likes to chill out and hang.
Career goal of being a neurosurgeon.
I would like to see UAEM have another incredible conference and to have a profound impact at CMU this year. Public Relations This could be you! Were looking for: Dedicated individual
Knows how to blog
Has good social media skills International UAEM Liaison Position Available Must be: Willing to join a UAEM working group
Willing to be on the mailing list of the UAEM coordinating committee
Able to update general members and eboard at every meeting
Must be able to communicate effectively with sister chapter. National UAEM Chapter
Conference Takes place October 28-30, 2011
Will have Stephen Lewis (who was our keynote at CMU in April)
Will be incredibly informational
Will most likely be open to 10-12 individuals from CMU, maybe more!
Email will be sent out to gauge interest.
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