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No description

yoshiko kubo

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Promotions

By: Kevin, Richard, Sabrina, Sasha, Yoshiko Promotions What is
Promotional Mix? AIDA Creating INTEREST Celebrity Endorsement ESIRE A I A Free Samples to lure customers ACTION NO EXCUSES NOT TO BUY BUY NOW!! Factors considered in
divising promotional strategy 1. Cost of
Medium is cheaper than is cheaper than 2. The Nature
of The
Product should be shown on 3. The product's position in its life cycle 4. Legislation No cigarrete advertisement on tv Billboards Warning! Written on all tobacco advertisements Movie Promotional Strategies Poster Website Trailer Key elements
to a promotional mix 5. Target
Market Therefore, The 4 elements
of Promotional Mix 1. Advertising "To advertise is to arrest the human intelligence long enough to get money from it" - Stephen B. Leacock Advertising Techniques Bargain Appeals Celebrity Endorsement Feel Good Factor Guarantees Numerical or Scientific Claims Sex Appeal Slogans Examples of Celebrity Endorsement An example of Comparative Advertising 2. Personal Selling Telemarketing Face to face meeting with clients Door-to-door promotion Disadvantages High cost
Labor intensive
Can only reach a limited number of customers High customer attention
Customized message
Persuasive impact
Potential for development of relationship
Opportunity to close the sale Advantages 3. Public Relations Business activities that aimed for keeping or improve the image of the organization Public Relations customers
pressure groups
media Examples of PR Press Conference Donations for charities Company Literature Combination of both
ATL and BTL methods Short term strategies to increase the demand to a product 4. Sales Promotion Sales Promotion Discount Prize Draws Trade Fairs Free Samples Aims: Increase customer loyalty 1. 2. To gain competitive
edges against rival
companies Conclusion Thankyou
for listening :) Advantages Low cost
Highly credible
Avoidance of clutter
Lead generation
Building positive image Disadvantages Don't have direct control
Inaccurate news
It might build bad image Advantages Increase customer loyalty
Creates differentiation
Lure more customers
Guide customer decision making
Immediate impact Disadvantages Increase price elasticty
Might build bad image
short term duration
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