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No description

Courtney Lennon

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Unicorns

Origins of the Unicorn
Cultural Impact of Unicorns
Do Unicorns Exist?
Original Details
How it all started
The Unicorn myth started in China, around 5000 years ago. According to the Chinese, their God created all of the creatures after the Phoenix, Dragon, Tortoise, Unicorn. When their God(P'an Ku) finished his work, it is said that the Dragon into the sea, the Tortoise into the swamp, the Phoenix rose into the sky, and the Unicorn galloped into the forest. It is believed that these four animals were created to guard and protect all the realms of Earth. In other Chinese mythology it is said that the unicorn was feared by many because of its alleged powers to distinguish between good and evil. With its mighty horn it was able to deal out vicious punishment to the evil while sparing the innocent.
Chinese Culture
The Impact on Current time.
Today in culture we see the appearance of the the unicorn through North Korea's abuse of media usage. On November 29th 2012 North Korea reconfirmed the location of their "Unicorn Lair" a cave located two hundred meters from Yongmyong Temple, Moran Hill in Pyongyang City. The lair was distinguishable by a rectangular stone with the words "Unicorn Lair" written in Korean on it, the writting is said to date back to 918-1392 A.D. during the Koryo Kingdom.
Unicorns in Books & Movies
There are many books and movies about Unicorns. Cs Lewis has a Unicorn in his movie at the end battle, Peter was riding him. In 'My Little Pony' Rarity is a Unicorn. There are many children's books with unicorns in them, like 'Fairy Realm', 'The Unicorn Tree', and 'The Secret of the Unicorn'. There are even games with the Unicorn in it, like 'Robot Unicorn attack', and 'Horse Isle'.
New Age Myths on Unicorns
CS Lewis the children's author has Unicorns in his book The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, at the very end of the book in the battle scene, the eldest brother Peter is riding him into the war. CS Lewis uses the unicorn Jewel to portray loyalty of Christ to his people and his search for truth.
Nicoles Opinion
I believe that unicorns do exists, because of how many different cultures have them in their history and present culture.
1. China 2. Korea 3. Scotland 4. Bible
The fakes that exist in the world had to have originated from something, the main idea must have appeared from somewhere. In certain myths and legend the unicorn is said to have lost its horn and making it a normal horse, and impossible to tell apart and disprove this myth.
Courtneys Opinion
I do not believe that unicorns exist because I believe that they were made up in order to make our children feel safe, and to make them be truthful. Also because there aren't any hard facts or physical evidence that prove unicorns exist. There isn't any facts to prove that magic exists, and unicorns are supposed to be magical creatures.
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The vastly superior intellects of the famously amazing Courtney Lennon, and Nicole Meehan.
Nicole Meehan, &
Courtney Lennon

The unicorn in the Latin bible is said to be able to purify water and cure illnesses with its horn. The Latin Bible also says that the unicorn has 'extraordinary strength'. It is said that the unicorns were kept as prized possessions, and that Queen Elizabeth the first had two unicorns. There is a set of seven tapestries made in the year 1500 A.D. they are depicting the 'Hunt of the Unicorn'. The tapestries are of the hunt, the capture, the killing and the resurrection of the Unicorn.
Subculture & Unicorns
In the past unicorn subculture consisted of mainly unicorn hunts. The "Unicorn in captivity" tapestries from the early 16th century depict a depressing story of cruel betrayal, aggressive action and death. The story of the hunts begins with a young virgin luring a unicorn out of hiding. The hunters would attack the unicorn with spears, and attack dogs, circling it and trapping it, to either kill it or force its surrender. In one tapestry the unicorn is killed, and in the last one the unicorn has been resurrected.

In the present subculture of Unicorns there are a group of young adult men, who watch a TV show about ponies, and unicorns, the tv show is called My Little Pony. In the subculture these men call themselves Bronies. They create their own art about My Little Pony and share it with each other.
The Ming dynasty was known as a period of expansion and cultural restoration. This period was a time for changing chinese tradition to become more foreign. Also at this time they become more precise in their craftsmanship because of trade with Islamic communities. The people of this time worked to become more literate, and in their search for entertainment created the play Peony Pavilion which is still playing in China today.
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