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Copy of A World Filled With Killer Whales

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asma surti

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A World Filled With Killer Whales

A World Filled
With Killer

Table Of Contents
Know A Little About Them
How Do They Look
Size And Weight
Young Ones
Wow!! There goes another killer whale leaping over the water! Did you know that killer whales can swim over 30 miles per hour.That's fast for an aquatic mammal! Killer whales are very friendly and intelligent mammals and not killer at all.Their brains are four times larger then humans.That's amazing! Orca , is another name for a killer whale.Want to learn more about killer whales , this prezi will tell you all about them from what they eat, where they live to how humans use
them.So read on!!!
Killer whales have long rounded bodies with large dorsal fins in the middle of their backs.They have white chest with a black body.They have white patch near their eye.They have a single blowhole on the top of their body.Their skin is smooth and soft.Did you know that a killer whale's dorsal fin can grow up to 6 feet that's about 180cm!
Killer whales are found in all oceans of the world. They are mostly found in the Arctic ocean and the Arctic region.They are also found on the coastal areas of British Columbia,Yukon and New Brunswick.Killer whales don't migrate but, are known to travel miles to find fresh food.
Killer whales can grow up to 30 feet (600 cm or 6 m)
or more.They can also weight up to 12,000 pounds (6,000 kg) or more. Did you know that killer whales can grow up to the size of four horses.
Killer whales have live babies because they are mammals.A female killer whale has about 5 babies in her lifetime.Female killer whales don't breed until they are 9-16 years old.There is no specific season when killer whale babies are born.When the babies are born they are yellowish in color.When they are born they are 2-6 m in lenght and 120-160 kg in weight.Female killer whales nurse their babies for 2 years.Then they are free to
live on their own
Where Are They Found
A killer whale leaping over the water.
A map of the east coast of Canada where killer whales are found
Areas where killer whales are found in B.C
Some things that a killer whale eats
A dead killer whale being brought to the shore.
How Humans Use Them
And Affect Them
Affect killer whales
A killer whale in captivity
At The End ...
Fun Facts
Arctic region and Arctic ocean where killer whales are found
Diet and Enemies
Killer whales usually eat other dolphins and whales such as belugas and they also eat seals.They eat other small fish such as squid,salmon and herring.They only eat warm blooded animals.They spend 60% of their time hunting.Killer whales hunt in pods.Did you know that killer whales need 500 pounds (250 kg) of food every day
Killer whales only have one predator,take a guess, if you guessed humans then you were right.Humans are they only ones with the weapons to kill such a powerful animal
Killer whales are not endangered but every year the numbers are decreasing.Nobody exactly knows how many killer whales are in this world, but there are approximately 50,000 killer whales in the world.
Pollution,global warming,whaling and oil spills are some ways that humans affect killer whales .Some people kill killer whales for food.Humans also affect killer whales by keeping them in captivity.Sometimes killer whales in captivity don't get enough food, clean water and enough space to move around, all these things affect the killer whales health.
At the end killer whales are fascinating mammals.They are mostly black with white patches.They are found in all oceans of the world.They can grow up to the size of four horses!They eat other whales and small fishes,they also have live babies.Humans are the only predators of killer whales,humans also affect and use them in many ways.Read on to learn some interesting facts about them and thank you for watching my presentation!!!
Did you know that every killer whale has a mark behind it's dorsal fin and, for every killer whale it's different
Did you know that killer whales can control the blood flow to their heart and their brain.This keeps them from having a lack of oxygen underwater.
Killer whales belong to the dolphin family and they are they largest member of the family
Killer whales use vocalization to communicate and, every pod has it's own accent which helps them to
identify killer whales of their pod.
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Know a little about them pg 1-2
How do they look pg 3-4
Where are they found pg 5-8
Size and weight pg 9-10
Diet and enemies pg 11-13
Young ones pg 14-15
Population pg 16
How humans use them and
affect them pg 17-19
At the end.... pg 20-21
Fun facts pg 22
Thank you pg 23
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