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No description

john mcnab

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Shakira

Created by : john mcnab
She is celebrating her honeymoon in this picture.
I chose to pick this singer because,
I know a lot about her and enjoy
some of her music. Also when I was little
my aunt would play some of her music
so I began to like it.
Shakira born on February 2nd, 1977
in Barranquila, Colombia. Shakira has two family
cultures being lebanese following her father
and her mother being Colombian. shakira honors both
of her heritages in her music. shakira wrote her very first
song being eight, then signed a record deal at thirteen.
After her first two albums FAILED she desperately
grasped the reins of her third album called Pies Descalzoz translated into "Bare Feet" in 1996.
Shakira made over 3 million in selling copies,
that album featured her trademark sound a blend of latin, rock and arabic music styles. Her follow up record in 1998 called ''Donde Estan Ladrones?" translated to where are the thieves? reached the top of the billboards during its time. And not long after shakira won her first Grammy award for best Latin pop singer.
controversy!!! Shakira has had many different controversial themes and appearences over the years of her musical career. When shakira first started belly-dancing she was a little girl, she had seen the idea of belly dancing in a restraunt her father took her. Shakira was infactuated by this dance that she practiced it at home and at school and shortly became a pro. in school her nickname became "belly dancer", She was made fun of most of her youth years for her interests and beliefs. Shakiras dearest friends even turned on her when they found out she was belly-dancing.

Shakira was a professional belly-dancer and competed in her early teen life.
Shakira has also had a lot of controversy over her newer song, "loca loca". she had all this controversy because of the main message of the song, she is telling everyone of the world to do whatever they want to without any consequences of there actions.
The most controversy shakira has had was the making of illegal videos and producing them, many of her music videos are very inappropriate and unable to watch.

Musical Career
Shakira was born February 2nd 1977, in colombia.
Shakira was the only child of nidia ripoll and,
William Chadid. Yet Shakira had 8 older half siblings
because of her fathers previous marriage. Shakiras home town was located in the northern Carribean on the coast of Colombia. Shakira wrote her first song at the age of four, called the chrystal rose. Shakira then asked for a typewriter for Christmas at the age of seven.

Shakira got the typewriter and continued writing songs and poems which she still sings today. Shakira sadly lost one of her half siblings who died in a motorcycle accident, At the age of two. This give Shakira and amazing inspiration to honor him through her unique styled music. This motivated her to write a song at the age of four, called "YOUR DARK GLASSES". This title was inspired by her father who wore dark black glasses to cover his grief.

This is a picture of shakira in colombia after a world tour in 2011 .
Interesting facts
Shakira has the ability to speak 5 languages, english, italian, Spanish, arabic and portugese.
The name "shakira" means grateful in arabic.
Shakira recorded a song with dora the explorer called "todos juntos"
Shakira is an international unicef goodwill ambassidor.
Shakira has founded two very successful latin american foundations called, "piez descalzoz and alas.
Shakira is a singer who always takes a personal experience or a feeling and reflects it into a song.
Shakiras hit song "waka waka" was the official song of fifa 2010.
Barrack obama chose shakira to be part of the presedints advisory for hispanics.
Shakira has the most influences as a female singer songwriter.
I personally think shakira is the most succesful female artist in the world.
Shakira merchandise
The discography of shakira consists of, seven studio albums, three compilation albums, four live albums and two promotional albums. Shakira has also made thirty-nine singles with two extended plays.
She wolf
Laundry service
Pies Descalzoz
Sale El So
Oral Fixation
Where Are The Thieves?
Grandes Exitos
Live And Off The Record
The Remixes
MTV Unplugged
Oral Fixation Tour
Shakira has won many awards,
the amount of awards she has
won adds up to the number of
234 awards, and 360 nominations. Here are some examples
of those awards and nominations.
American Music Awards, 4 wins, 6 nominations.
Billboard Music Awards, 6 wins, 11 nominations.
Brit Awards, 1 win, 2 nominations.
Echo Awards, 1 win, 8 nominations.
Grammy Awards, 2 wins, 5 nominations.

Peoples Choice Awards, 1 win, 13 nominations.
Teen Choice Awards, 1 win, 2 nominations.
World Choice Awards, 4 wins, 7 nominations.
Latin Grammy Awards, 8 wins, 16 nominations.
Billboard Latin Music Awards, 23 wins, 44 nominations.
MTV Video Music Awards, 5 wins, 21 nominations.
Much Music Video Awards, 2 wins, 3 nominations.
NRJ Music Awards, 7 wins, 12 nomination.
Shakira has had a lot of filmography this is one of the reasons Shakira is so well known. Some examples are, love in the time of cholera, 27 dresses, live from paris and camino, these are all pictures done in a range of 2007 to 2011. Shakira has even performed on dancing with the stars and so you think you can dance. Shakira was also a hand picked judge for the hit singing show called "the voice" along with Blake Shelton, Usher, and Adam Levine.
Personal Life
Shakira has had many breakups and heart breaks throughout her career, Shakira and Gerarde have been together for a while now, they have had one child, with more on the way, Gerarde plays Football for a famous spanish team. Shakiras son is named Milan Pique Meberak, and is coming up on the age of three.
Hit songs
Loca 2010
Whenever Wherever 2001
Hips Don't Lie 2006
Addicted to You 2010
She Wolf 2009

Favourite songs
Hips Dont lie
She Wolf
Whenever Wherever
Did It Again.
In conclusion i have learned so much about Shakira, she has won so many awards, she is an amazing person and an amazing musician.
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