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The Girl Who Could Fly

No description

Sophia Deignan

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly Chapter 1 It was only when Piper reached the age when most babies were learning to crawl that her development took an entirely different turn What if I can't fly? What if I smack the ground with my head?
What if my brains will spill out all over the place and then I ain't never gonna leave the farm and make a friend?
Maybe its best I high-tail it back to bed and forget the whole notion.
She sailed upward with the unexpected thrust and precision of an F-22 Raptor Chapter 2 "But.... din't ya see?
I. CAN. FLY" I'm as light as a cloud, as free as a bird.
I'm part of the sky and I can fly. Chapter 3 Will you be my friend Piper Like a wildfire in a hot dry summer , the news blazed outward and jumped the county line so that before long, New York, Tokyo, London, and every other city besides wanted to know about the mysterious girl who could fly. Headlines with bold exclamation marks shouted out:


PEOPLE FLOCK TO LOWLAND COUNTY TO CATCH GLIMPSE OF FIRST FLYING GIRL "Look in the window" an eager voice shouted from the farm yard below. "Its Piper McCloud!" A man with several cameras around his neck was pointing up at Piper with great excitment. " Thats her! It's Piper McCloud" No question, Piper McCloud was special, even among the special Once in the air, Piper decided to keep it simple.
Turning a few spins, she followed them with a quick loop-the-loop and finished with a pirouette Dr. Hellion's breath fell away. "Dear God, she really can fly" Chapter 5
Piper, there are others.... like you. And a place where you belong. "The only trouble with flying is that it gets lonley up in the sky when you're the only one" You'll have to leave with Dr. Hellion and you won't be able to live here anymore She wanted to go to Dr. Hellion's institude but not if it meant leaving her home and her ma and pa "You'll be safe, and they'll give you special schooling" At first Piper didn't understand what her am was angling at, and then at once things snapped into focus in such a way they did not make sense. Betty had told her and told her to keep her not to fly.
She'd warned her to keep her feet on the ground and Piper hadn't paid her any mind. Sure as anything, she'd gone and caught that baseball and everyone saw. By: Victoria Forester The Helicopter lifted off the and Piper watched the strong wind created by blades blasting against her ma and pa The Helicopter flew due north at such a speed that green forests quickly became white with snow. Then the trees disappeared altogether and there was an endless stretch of wintry tundra that reached in every direction as far as the eye could see. "Is that it?" Piper was disappointed and confused by the shabby stucture,
" Yes we're here" An old rusted sign attached to the stucture read:
We run a tight ship around here and have a zero tolerance policy with rule breakers "I've got my eye on you, McCloud" Chapter 9
I can tell you're the sort of girl who'll go and get hersef into trouble "Thats Conrad. He's Touble. BIG trouble." Like eveyone else who saw it for the first time it took his breath away. Piper Flew From this moment on, if you chose to stay, you will be a model
student and anything less is entirely unacceptable With surprsing ease, Piper setteled into
the routine at her new home Conrad Harrington had refocused all his energy on one single purpose- the demise of Piper McCloud. Piper fought against his
onslaught Unfortunatley, nothing irked Conrad more
and his fixatio was violentley inflamedby Piper's seeming
indiference and Zen-like acceptance Chapter 12 Piper saw that the beast was actually
a beatiful silver giaffe! The once proud and beatiful creature was broken and beaten
and Piper inwardly raged with ferocity at the terrible injustice "Uncooperative specimens must be destroyed to make room. By whatever means necessary." Dr. Hellion was nothing short of an angel,
or at least she looked like an angel. That was when Piper knew that Conrad
knew everything,
had always known. That he was
actually trying to protect her
and that they needed each other Chapter 13 There was nothing to be gained
from questioning them further, even though
Piper's eyes were as wide as two moons and
her knees were shaking "But, but, they're hurting all those beautiful creatures"
Piper blathered, on the verge of hysterics.
"I saw that giraffe and the turtles and the rose and so
many others. "It's not right. We've gotta get out of here" Institute of Normalcy, Stability, And NonExceptionality,
of I.N..S.A.N.E. to make things a little less wordy. " But the human specimens, like you and me- well,
we are their greatest challenges. Chapter 14
Conrad's ability was at once a blessing and a curse. Conrad and Dr. Hellion were equally matched opponets Conrad's intelligence versus Dr, Hellion's security systems Until there was Piper McCloud Piper held her breath while fears were
considered and weighed against dreams I say we escape Chapter 15
A flurry of motion erupted in
each dormitory room Hearts fell like stones Childrens dreams of freedom continued
to flicker before their eyes Theh agents had prepared for everything . Each team was assigned to a child and prepped for their particular ability. Molecular Orienting Limitation Device
or M.O.L.D. for short You're exceptional, Piper McCloud The crickets voice sang not for the ears
but for the heart Chapter 17
Conrad had berayed Piper, had betrayed them all. Chapter 18
Unlike the many who had become lost in
their secret places before her, a blinding white light
came and found Piper Chapter 19
"Escape insnt the answer."
"I've got a better idea" Chapter 20
" I will save you Piper McCloud even
if its the lasy thing I do." Chapter 21
I'm home
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