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Miriam Tyson

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Issues

Lluvia Becerril
Acid Rain in Germany
Air currents carry toxic smoke from other countries' factories to Germany
Chernobyl in Ukraine
The disaster exposed one-tenth of the Ukraine's 233,090 square miles and approximately one million of its people to unsafe levels of radiation.
5 Adjective To Describe Chernobyl
Air Pollution in the UK
The Great Smog of 1952 was so that,for four days,the people in London could not see what was in front of them.
Issues in Europe
Acid rain has ruined nearly half of the Black Forest in southern Germany.
In southern Germany ,plants that use water power from streams and rivers in the the region are replacing many coal-burning factories
Air pollution in the United Kingdom continues to cause acid rain in many countries in Western Europe.
The Industrial Revolution began around the coalfields where fuels was cheap and avaliable
Nuclear power plants were producing cheaper energy without filling the air with pollution and without using up earth's supply of fossil fuels.
Since the accident, doctors had notice an increas in cases of cancer in people living in contaminated areas.
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