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No description

Mary Adams

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Whirligig

Education & qualifications
Work Experience
School 1
School 2
School 3
Interests & achievements
Writing Piece
Your Heroic Journey
Where do you want to go?
What will you leave in your wake?
(cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio
Introduction to Fiction Writing
Hero's Journey
Pacific Side
Gulf Side
Brent's Journey
Mount Ranier
Mount Vernon, Washington
San Diego, California
Chicago, Illinois
Beale Beach, Florida
Miami, Florida
Weeksboro, Maine
Tony, the baseball-loving, music lesson-hating violin player with the overbearing parents: his violin teacher uses the whirligig as an example - people break if they never have a chance to rest.
Steph and her friend Alexandra use guided imagery to attract a boyfriend for Steph. The whirligig reminds the girls that positive energy is like the wind - it has the invisible power to effect change.
Flaco learns from the shearwaters and the band whirligig that people need each other and work best in groups.
Jenny's grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor, uses the whale and mermaid whirligig to remind her grandaughter that she should focus on the good, and good people, in life.
Is there someone in your life you wish knew you better? Is there someone in your life who has unrealistic expectations of you? What do you need this person to know about you?
Have you had a "worst holiday ever"? Is there something you wanted but didn't get? Did you fail in your plans to do something for someone? Describe.
Do you know
when you've hurt someone's feelings, but keep doing it anyway? What do you think you are doing to that person? What are you doing to yourself?
Choice 2
Choice 3
Choice 4
Today is Tuesday, September 25

Sacred Write: You must write for at least ten minutes on a topic of your choice. Choice 1 is entirely your own topic, or you may choose predetermined choices 2, 3, or 4.
Word Splash

Read Ch. 7 for tomorrow.
Today is Monday, October 17

Book Talk - Ms. Adams
Golden Sentences
Check three locations
Discuss "Apprentices"
HW -
Read "San Diego, California" for Wednesday
Golden Sentences due Thursday
"A fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth."
I am completely alone.
Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Sacred Write
Turn in Ch. 7 Quiz
Sign up for Book Talks
Read Ch. 8 for tomorrow
Golden Lines due Thursday

Sacred Write
1. Without using complete sentences, list your observations of this art work - NO interpretations.
2. Now interpret. List five sensory details you associate with your interpretations.
3. List five emotions you associate with this art work.
4. Using a combination of words from all three lists, rewrite them to form a poem.
Today is September 27
Sacred Write
- Ch 8 Quiz tomorrow

During the Jewish Holocaust, good people acted as bystanders, failing to stop what was wrong. Nazi officers in concentration camps entered into a herd mentality, starving and killing men, women, children, and babies, because that is what other people were doing. Every day, today, people give up their beliefs, or their "right" actions, in favor of acting in the ways of the "herd" of which we wish to join. In your quest to be part of something, what negative actions, or inactions, have you committed? What do you do every day that is hurtful to others? Or, if you break free from the herd to do what is right, what positive energy are you sending out into the world?
Today is October 20
Turn in Golden Lines
Sign up for Book Talks
Quick discussion of Ch. 8
Today's Quiz: Save the Last Word
-Finish the novel by Tuesday
Save the Last Word

Step 1: Choose a 1-3 sentence quote from the chapter that struck you, the Golden Line of the chapter. Write it in your journal.

Step 2: Write for 3-5 minutes about those lines.

Step 3: In a group of 3 share your lines. Allow the other members to discuss those lines. You may not talk so that you intently listen - you will jot down important ideas.

Step 4: You will read your response, having the last word.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with all members.
What should I write?
What do these lines say about Brent's "ripple effects" on other people in the world?
Imagine Brent had went to prison instead of released on probation. How might this conversation between Jenny and her grandmother have been different? Would it have ever happened?
Can there be happiness and laughter after a tragedy, whether it's genocide (like in the Holocaust) or losing a child in a car accident?
How are Mrs. Zamora and Jenny connected? How are Brent and Jenny's grandmother connected? Jenny and Brent? Mrs. Zamora and Jenny's grandmother?
What may I write?
Mrs. Zamora
Jenny's Grandma
moving forward
make best of what you have
Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Whirligig Themes
Map out Brent's Heroic Journey
-15-20 lines
- Written scripts must include facial expressions, tone of voice, and body movements
- Everyone in the group must perform at least two speaking lines
-Prepare for conversations
-Reviewing and presenting Wednesday and Thursday
-Whirligig TEST Friday
Brent conversing with whomever after making four whirligigs and traveling the country.
Brent conversing with "friends" before the accident.
Flaco, the Puerto Rican immigrant who seeks peace.
Tony, the baseball-loving violinist.
Steph, the tomboy who is persuaded to use guided imagery.
Jenny, the girl whose grandmother survived Auschwitz.
Thursday, October 27, 2011
HW - Test Friday - multiple choice, true/false, and essay

Thursday, September 6
1. Bell Work
2. Discussion
3. SSR
HW - Whirligig Ch. 1 Quiz
If you could go back and rewrite the past, would you? Why?
p. 3
Verb, past tense of ca·reen

def. To move wildly or carelessly

synonym: bend, lean, lurch

antonym: straighten, stop

def. explanatory notes or critical comments added to a piece of writing

synonym: note, comment, observation, interpretation, note-making

antonym: blank
p. 4
Monday, September 10
- Experts
- PreQuiz
- Taking essay quiz over Ch. 2
Read Ch. 3 for Wednesday
Thursday, September 13
- Sacred Write: Name three places in the United
States you have NOT visited and explain why you
chose each location.
- Discussion - Chapter 3
HW - Read Chapter 4 for tomorrow

Monday, September 17
- Chapter 3 Quizzes back
- Sacred Writing
- Questions game
- Chapter 4 Quiz
HW - Read Chapter 5 for Wednesday

In Chapter 4, Flaco, the narrator, says "Birds don't live alone, I told myself. They live in flocks. Like people. People are always in a group. Like that little wooden band. And whenever there's a group, there's fighting. If the people in a group get along, maybe that make good music instead of arguing, like Willie Colon's band. But usually not. That's how life is. I stared at that marching band. Then I got in the car and drove home." What are the positives of having "flocks"? Negatives? Could you live alone, say, on an island or in the mountains, providing that you knew how to survive? Would you want to? Explain.
Now, think like a writer. Pose a question to Paul Fleischman about his use of isolation (being alone) as a theme in Whirligig. Use an occurrence in Chapter 4 as the starting point of your question. You may summarize or directly quote your occurrence prior to posing your question.
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