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Life-cycle of a Bangel Tiger

No description

leah west

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Life-cycle of a Bangel Tiger

Save Bengal tigers Bengal Tigers can come in colors such as white or orange with black and white. This is how a Bengal tiger looks like when its 3-6 months old. A baby Bengal tiger stays with its mother for 2-3 years How many stages are their in a Bengal
tigers life-cycle In the 1900's their was 100000 now their is only about 1500-5000 Bengal tigers left. The reason this is happening is because people are hunting down Bengal tigers for their fur or their bones people believe that Bengal tigers bones can cure an illness. Another reason that they are close to becoming extinct is because of deforestation. The Bengal tiger eats oxen, monkey, antelope and other places it can get it's paws on. Facts about the Bengal tiger Information about baby Bengal tigers Life-cycle of a Bengal tiger Pregnant Mother Cub Adult Bengal tigers have 3 different stages of life. When baby is born the dad goes away leaving the mother to care for the baby A Bengal tiger is pregnant for 3-4 months. Usually they can have 3-4 babies at a time. Baby Bengal tigers are born deaf
and blind therefore the rely on their
mother for 15 weeks. A Bengal tigers cub usually stop drinking their mothers milk around 6-8 weeks The oldest Bengal tiger that ever lived was 20 years old. An average Bengal tiger lives up to 13-15 years. Bengal tigers teach their young how to catch their prey and defend themselves. I believe we should protect
Bengal tigers because they have every right to live just like other animals. Habitat:
Bengal tigers live in the jungle or near a pond babies are usually born in a cave. Bengal tigers are in the cat family. The Bengal tigers enemies are the gorlilla.
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