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George Koukis Map - A Path to Integrity

by FLW 2011 Team, Como - ITALY

Tolga Vatansever

on 29 October 2011

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Transcript of George Koukis Map - A Path to Integrity

PERSISTANCY There is something precious to learn from every obstacle that you face in life HARD WORKING The Kingdom will come through hard work and knowledge of your thoughts and emotions OPTIMISIM I am an eternal optimist and believer to human inteligence PROACTIVITY Me Do It! INSPIRATION Behind every human achievement there is invarlably one man, an indivudual and his dream ETHICAL To forge young leaders (for the world) who are driven by ethics and integrity GRATEFUL Feel greatful, feel powerful, feed yourself with esteem and positive thoughts RESPONSIBLE A man can only own what he is responsible for LOYAL To be loyal to my dream - to believe in it. To serve it with my all capacity HUMBLE Without them (employees) Temenos would never have gotten so far HUMAN CENTERED People are the Key TIMELESS THINKING Would it not be great aim to dream of such a world 1000 years from now ? VISIONARY I live in the materialisition of My Dream QUESTIONING Do not listen to experts; listen to your heart ACTION PHILOSOPHER Conquer the World ! CONSISTENT We have won every possible award year after year CURIOUS I am a self-taught man ORIGINAL Be yourself...You will see others imitating you DREAMER A man always meets what he dreams of FREEMIND I always motivated by chalenging the 'impossible' and by proving that it is otherwise FEARLESS Fear dosen't exist, it is a ghost EMOTIONALY INTELLIGENT Know your emotions. Master yourself ! CALM STATE OF MIND Stability of my feelings RELIABLE My client's trust was procted and could never be betrayed SOLITARY Solitude is fortitude ENERGETIC Sleeping is a waste of time COURAGEOUS If you have courage, you achieve victory INTUITIVE I only follow my intuition; I always choose a path which has heart SCEPTIC I always questioned what god was all about, what was my purpose in life INDEPENDENT Only count on yourself! EAGERNESS I felt the dare of an impossible challenge rising inside of me! PURITY There was no vanity in me, and no egocentrism PURPOSE Its purpose is to inspire future and present philosophers of action REBUILD I will rebuild in multiples what I have lost - I promised her. I knew I could do it BELIEVE I believe in dreams PRINCIPLE This principle, when truly applied and practiced, is a most powerful concept OBSERVE I observed and learned important things about quality of service and consistency in excellence INDEPENDENT THINKER Independent thinkers, pragmatic dreamers, visionary leaders who are free from any ideology or superstition CONQUER THE WORLD In CTW, I encrypted my great aim: ‘Conquer The World’ DREAMER I simply listen and follow the instructions of the Dreamer in me GOAL ORIENETED Believe in your dream, serve it with all your capacity and with all your strength ABLE TO PRIORTIZE …on the top of any list of priorities…People are the key! DEDICATED There is just one thing I have to care for, and never betray: to be loyal to my dream MOTIVATED I had only three things: the name, my dream and no money DISCERNING Never give anybody the chance to fail IRREPRESSIBLE I have always taken the most difficult choice LIMITLESS What is possible has already been done by others BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR DREAMS EARNESTNESS FEEL UNIQUE ME DO IT! REMEMBER THE FUTURE MAKE IT HAPPEN the path to integrity Content of this map created by 'Future Leaders for the World' team
designed by G. Tolga VATANSEVER
Como, ITALY 2011
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