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Zombie Pandemic

No description

samantha meder

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Zombie Pandemic

A)How many people will you have in your group?

Zombie Pandemic
Question 1- group size
Question #3- Supplies
#4 Fortify Martin County
#2 Zombie Weapons
Costs Benefits
not many people to help kill zombies
there could be trust issues
less supplies needed
more supplies for the group
easier to get away
transportation needs are minimized
Question A
How would you try to survive in Martin County?
There wouldn't be no real good place to go
The County is small and there are not that many good resources
Have to learn to hunt
Not many supplies
Know where everything is
Close access to the resources that are here
Would be secluded
Zombies cannot swim therefore wouldn't be able to get to the island
Learning to hunt would be helpful incase supplies ran out
Our decision is that we would go to an island in Martin County. For example we would go to Boy Scott Island.
Question B
Would you hide in someone's home?
Our decision is that we will have 5 people in our group. We believe this is a sufficient amount because it will be enough to help survive but also not enough to prevent us from escaping the zombies.
There would not be that many supplies to stay alive
There wouldn't be many places to hide
Not many places to escape the house if it was invaded
Question C
Question D
Question E
Know where things are
Supplies (but not for very long)
Supplies that you need is right there
Our decision would be that we definitely would not stay in someone's house and we would flee to somewhere more secluded and secure.
Would you pick a store or school or some other building as a base?
Would run out of supplies
Supplies would expire
Wouldn't be able to hide or run away well
Would be low supplies
Learn how to hunt
Endless supplies of natural resources
They can't swim
Our decision is that we would only stay at a store if need to be when traveling from town to town.
Will you seek out other people?
How would you fortify your base?
Can die in the process
Chance of losing people already in the group
Find necessary people to survive
Find things needed to survive such as food
Wouldn't be able to cover as much ground
Potentially turn against us
Risking someone's life
Decision: Our decision is yes because we need to have different people in our group to survive. Defense will be stronger and more people can help kill off zombies

food will expire
if we search for food it could be poisonous
lack of water
die looking for supplies

A) What supplies will you need?
Would be protected
Would know they can't get to us
More reliable than setting traps
Our decision would be to have someone guard the perimeter of the island at all times.
Is your base close to supply sources?
Are there certain people your group will be looking for? Are there some you would avoid?
Take longer to get supplies
Have to go back to the mainland
Have to risk our lives to go to get supplies
Have to learn how to hunt
Run out of gasoline
Wouldn't run out of supplies if we hunted for our own food and fished for it
We will live longer
Since we would be on an island we wouldn't be near a store but would be able to compromise and learn how to fish and take a boat to the mainland and go to store to restock on main supplies.
Find someone you don't want in the group
They could be crazy or untrustworthy
More resources to sustain group
We decided that we will need food, water and shelter.
#6 Survival Plan
You can die looking for it
The food may be poisonous
Question A
Question B
Question C
B)-How will you get your food and supplies?
What are your long term plans?
How do you plan on surviving long term?
Find a needed person such as military person or doctor

What will you do as supplies run out such as gasoline, generators and ammunition?
We made the decision of hunting for food and building shelter. We feel as if it suits our group the best and will benefit us the most.
C)- Can the food supply be replenished
The food supply can be replenished if we continue to search and hunt for food
Find personal that can help your group survive
Risks life
Risk not having supplies
Risk not having a place to go
Finding other people
Finding more gasoline and generators
Our decision for long term would be to stay on the island for a couple of weeks or months and leave to go cross country to hopefully find more survivors, supplies, and gasoline.
we will be able to continue to eat
The food will be able to be replenished.
Will the food expire after time?
will have to hunt for more food
Risking lives
Risking not having supplies
Risking not having a vehicle
Our decision is to look for those certain people. They will help us to survive
Finding supplies
Finding a vehicle
Finding someone who could possibly help us
Our decision would be to go from town to town finding supplies and gasoline until they run out in that town and move to the
Risking lives
Getting injured
Not having a vehicle
Running out of supplies
if we hunt new food daily, it will not expire
Finding more supplies
Finding survivors who could help
The food will expire, however we are able to replenish it by hunting for it.
As supplies run out we decided that we would start and travel around to try and find more supplies and to find survivors.
How are you going to flee?
the boat could break down
The boat could sink
Zombies cannot swim so we won't be attacked
We have decided to travel by boat so the zombies cannot reach us.
What will be your choice of transportation?
the boat could run out of gasoline
it could sink
it could break down
engine problems
we will be able to escape
Our choice of transportation is a boat.
Where will you go?
There is not much food to hunt
not a lot of water clean supply
limited shelter
hard to be attacked
may have boat problems
Our decision is that we will flee to boy scout island. We will safe there for a few months. Then we can travel from town to town to gain more supplies.
What places do you think you will be safe?
Shelter may not

be stable
shelter can weather
We will be away from danger and the weather
We have decided that we will be build a shelter with materials that we find on the island in order to stay safe.
The day has come where most of the human population has been poisoned with an extreme disease that has turned them into zombies. They are now roaming around looking for humans who they can feed on. This is our story on how we plan to be survivors of the Zombie Pandemic.
Question #5-Forced To Flee
Will you be nomadic or stay in one spot?
can't find a stable place
leaving memories
not a chanced to be cornered
Decision: we have chosen to be nomadic
What weapons will you use? How many will you need?
Decision: We will use swords and knives. 1 sword 3 knives 1 rifle
have to get close
can dull out
Need to be extra careful
Different forms of weapons
Multi- functional
Can be quiet
Are you experienced in using them?
A lot to lug around
can be dangerous
wont be able to be effective
easy to use
Decision: keep all the weapons
Does it serve as a secondary purpose?
knives used as openers
knives or sword can cut materials
Blade can dull out
weapons could break
Knives and sword can be used as multi-purpose weapons
Will weapons have to be reloaded? Risk of finding ammunition
Takes time to reload
Ammunition would have to be found
Long range weapon
secondary weapon doesn't need reloading
One of the weapons needs ammunition but the secondary weapon solves that problem
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