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Romeo and Juliet

No description

Elena k

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and
Juliet By: William Shakespeare 1564-1616 William shakespear Setting -1500's
-Northern Italy (Verona and Mantua) Facts About the 1500's: -People got married at an early age (around 16)
-Romeo and Juliet along with many other Shakespeare plays were performed at the globe theater.
- People did not clean them selves often (about once a month)
-They only used herbs for medicine. (Very primitive.)
-Around the 1500's was the time of the plague.
-Women were not allowed to act and men played woman's roles.
-They did not use props or equipment in plays.
-Actors were not considered high class. Quick facts about William Shakespeare: - He was a writer/ poet
-He was creative and made up many
words (supposedly)
- He did not go to college
-Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at
the age of 18
- He had 3 kids
- 1 son died at an early age
- Shakespeare wrote about his time and life Genre Though very controversial Whether it is a romance or a tradgedy, I think with the correct evidence you will see why it is considered a.. TRADGEDY
"Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Do with their bury their parents' strife.
The fearful passage of their death-mark'd love,
And the continuance of their parents' rage,
Which, but their children's end, nought could remove" PROLOGUE: DEATH I dont see anything talking
about love there. It seems to only be talking about the tragic occurrences in the play. 3 Reasons why Romeo and Juliet is a Tradgedy in my opinian: 1. There love is disapproved by their families 2. There are many deaths ( more then there are romances) : e.g. Mercutio, Tybalt, Juilet, Romeo, Paris. 3. The ending of a love story should be happiness, but in Romeo and Juilet, the outcome is the death of the lovers. This makes it a very short lasting relationship. "Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Capulet." "For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo." The Montagues and the Capulets are 2 households that have been in a dreadful feud for many years for unknown reasons. Juliet is throwing a masquerade party to finally meet Paris, the boy her parents want to marry. Romeo a child of the Montague's household and his friends decide to crash a Capulet's party in thought that he will finally get to speak to the girl of his dreams Rosaline who is also attending. Romeo meets Juilet instead, it was love at first sight. They fall madly in love. Romeo stays after the party under Juliet's balcony, and the two use this romantic meeting to plan their marriage."If thy bent of love be honorable, Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow.And all my fortunes at thy foot I’ll lay, And follow thee my lord throughout the world."-Juilet. Romeo then goes to Friar Lawrence to make wedding arrangements and the Friar agrees to marry them in hope it will end the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. Juliet's nurse and the Friar are the only ones who know about the secretive relationship at this point. Tybalt, a nephew of the Montagues, had spotted Romeo at the party and had become furious. Mercuitio and Benvolio (2 close friends and family members of Romeo) tell Romeo that Tybalt has challenged him to a duel. After Romeo and Juliet are married in Friar Lawrence cell Tybalt finds Romeo and wants to fight, but Romeo does not want to fight because Tybalt is Juilet's cousin. Mercuitio steps in to fight in Romeo place. As Romeo trys to break up the fight Tybalt jabs his sword under Romeo's arm at Mercuitio and Mercuitio dies. Romeo is so enraged that he kills Tybalt then flees, soon regretting what he had done. The prince arrives at the horrurus scene and banishes Romeo from Verona. Juilet send her nurse to tell Romeo to spend the night with her before his departure. He does.
"O, sweet my mother, cast me not away!
Delay this marriage for a month, a week;
Or, if you do not, make the bridal bed
In that dim monument where Tybalt lies." -Juliet
The next morning, Juilets parents then tell her the she will be forced to marry Paris in 3 days. Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence and tells him she wants to kill herself. But the Friar gives her a better idea. To take a sleeping drug the night before the wedding and she will not be able to wake up only for 42 hours. Her parents will think shes dead. She will then be buried in the family tomb and the Friar will write a letter to Romeo to come pick her up when she wakes and the two can run off together. Juliet agrees. The morning of the wedding day the Capulets find Juilet in her bed "dead" and the Capulets change the wedding day into a funeral. In Mantua, Romeo's servant Balthesar tells Romeo Juliet is dead and Romeo decides to kill himself too. Romeo buys poison and heads off back to Verona. Another Friar, Friar John tells Friar Lawrence the letter never made it to Romeo because he got quarantined and couldn't deliver. Meanwhile, Paris is visiting Juliets tomb and bringing flowers. Paris hids when he hears a person coming. Romeo walks into the tomb. Paris tries to arrest Romeo but Romeo says he does not want trouble he just wants to kill himself. Paris gives no mercy and insists on arresting him. They then fight. Romeo kills Paris. Romeo then goes beside Juilet, kisses her and takes the poison. He dies beside Juliet. Friar Lawrence finally arrives at the tomb as Juilet wakes and explains to her the plan didn't work. He tells Juliet to leave with him but she does not. Friar Lawerance then runs off himself because he thinks the watchmen are coming. Juilet not being able to bare the thought of Romeo dead, takes his dagger and stabs herself with it."O happy dagger!" -Juliet. The watchmen then finds the 2 bodies dead in the tomb and send word to the Capulets and Montagues. Both families arrive at the tomb. There the Montagues and Capulets resolve there issues and promise to never fight again. The Montagues then decide to make a gold statue of Juliet and the Capulets make a gold statue of Romeo. The families then swore to never fight again but it was alittle too late. Prologue:
"In fair Verona where we lay our scene"

This tell us where it takes place in the beginning. Then after Romeo slays Tybalt he gets banned from Verona and goes to Mantua.

Prince Banishment quote:

And for that offence
Immediately we do exile him hence:
I have an interest in your hate's proceeding,
My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding;
But I'll amerce you with so strong a fine
That you shall all repent the loss of mine:
I will be deaf to pleading and excuses;
Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses:
Therefore use none: let Romeo hence in haste,
Else, when he's found, that hour is his last.
Bear hence this body and attend our will:
Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.

As you can see by the quote, since Romeo was banished and not executed he went to Mantua.

Friar Lawrence quote about Mantua:

Go hence; good night; and here stands all your state:
Either be gone before the watch be set,
Or by the break of day disguised from hence:
Sojourn in Mantua; I'll find out your man,
And he shall signify from time to time Characters Main Romeo Adjectives that describe Romeo in my eyes: He is naive because he could not see that his relationship with Juliet was pretty much doomed from the start. At the party where he first meets Juliet, they make out twice before they even know each other's first names, let alone last names. Later that evening, knowing their parents hate each other they decide to get married secretly. He was so naive that he assumed he was doing the right thing and that nothing could go wrong because of it. Romeo became very brave when it came to the means of love. When Mercutio was slayen he became very brave because he loved Mercutio as a brother and would do anything for him. So he built up bravery and stabbed Tybalt. A similar scenario occurred in the tomb. Romeo loved Juilet so much that he became very brave when he had a barrier to get to Juilet. He stood up for what he loved and won by slaying Paris and getting to Juilet. Romeo is very determind and makes his own decisions. He stands up for what he believes in and is ready to achieve his goals. Like after he fell in love with Juliet he was determind to marry her. Even the thought of her being a daughter of the Capulets didn't change his mind. Or when he bought poison to kill himself he didn't think twice about it. He was determined to kill himself and would not take anyone else's opinion. Another senerio showing his determination is when he slays Paris. He would not let anyone get in his way when he had his mind set on something. Romeo is also very romantic/lovesick. He is very romantic because he expresses his love in unique ways.
"I am no pilot; yet, wert thou as far
As that vast shore wash'd with the farthest sea,
I would adventure for such merchandise." -Romeo
He is also love sick because he seems as though he doesn't know how to make up him mind and has fallen in love more then one lady. Before he even gets to talking with Juilet at the party his already kissing her! It seems as though he's just doing that because his so upset the Rosaline doesn't love him back and Juilet seems like his rebound girl. After he finds out that Juliet is a Capulet he is love sick because he loves her so much but his parents don't approve of it. Throughout the whole story it never seems like he finds a stable love. She is naive because she could not see that her relationship with Romeo was pretty much doomed from the start. At the party where she first meets Romeo, they make out twice before they even know each other's first names, let alone last names. Later that evening, knowing their parents hate each other she agrees to get married secretly. She thought it would all work out fine because love was on her side, but a lot of things were against it. She did a lot of naive things like taking the sleeping drug and not knowing how it would work out. She didn't think a lot of things through. In the beginning of the story Juliet is an obedient, sheltered child and stand between being mature and not being mature. When her parents first bring up the idea of her marrying Paris, she is open to the idea but has not even thought about marriage before.
Marry, that 'marry' is the very theme
I came to talk of. Tell me, daughter Juliet,
How stands your disposition to be married?
It is an honour that I dream not of.
This seems somewhat of a childish response considering she didn't not give much of an opinion on the matter. Although, she did show some maturity when she didn't run of with Romeo when he was banned from Verona. She could at least see that some of his decisions were rushed. She also showed some obedience in trusting Friar Lawrence with his insane plan to get Romeo back while at the same time she showed disobedience in that scene being disobeying her parents. It seems like she was trying to rebel but still needed help by another to do so. By the end of the story though, Juliet seems to quite drastically change character from being the obedient, naive girl to a self-assured, loyal, and capable woman who makes her own decisions. She did not need to ask anyone about what to do on the matter of Romeo leaving. She found her own solutions which made her self-assured. Now although they might not have been good decisions she was just trying to be loyal to Romeo. She did not want to marry Paris while still married to Romeo. She thought the only why she could show this loyalty was to make her own decision to kill herself. Whether it was a right or wrong decision, it was one big decision she made herself. In some ways Juliet is also stubborn. She does not give up until she gets what she wants. She did not give up for Paris at the party until she finally found the person she liked (Romeo.) She also did not give up when her parents then told her she HAD to marry Paris. She went on and made her rebellious decisions 'till the end. She did not even give up on Romeo when he was dead. She still wanted to be with him. Juliet Evidence: In the 1500's: Friar Lawrence Friar Lawrence is a very controversial character. He the one who often takes the honor/blame in marrying Romeo and Juilet as well the death in the story. He is also the important character who gives Juilet the idea of taking the sleeping drug. Some people might come to say he is the instigator in the play. He are my opinions of him. I consider him to be a nosy person. Although it was for good intentions , when he saw things going down hill most people would back away from a family situation. He instead put himself deeper and deeper into the situation. He become nosy into the family rivalry and tried to fix it by marrying Romeo and Juilet. Too bad it back fired on him. Friar Lawrence has also also showed how good-natured he is throughout the play. First off, when he married Romeo and Juliet he only had good intentions about it. He thought that by him marrying the two he would bring the 2 families together. He also showed his good-natured character trait when he tried to help Juliet get Romeo back. When most people didn't want anything to do with the situation he stepped in to help. Although his acts might not have been the smartest, it was all for good intents. Juliet is the daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet aswell as farther into the story, Romeo's wife. At the age of 13 Juliet is beautiful and her parents think she is ready to get married. Although she starts off at the beginning of the story a little immature , as the plot goes on you see Juliet's growing maturity level skyrocket. At the beginning of the story she is very depended on the nurse and her mom but after she meets Romeo she doesn't feel as if she needs them anymore. Here is my opinian on the 13 year old girl. Romeo is the son of the Montague house and at the start of the play his family is having a long standing feud with the Capulets.The house of the girl he soon falls in love with (Juliet). He seems to be an accomplished fighter, killing two players during the course of the play. He seems to share true love for Juliet though some may say Juliet just seems like the rebound for him. Here is my opinion on Romeo. Mercutio Benvolio The Nurse The Friar is also helpful. He has showed many acts of helping throughout the play. When Romeo comes to the Friar wants to marry Juliet, he helps him by marring Romeo to Juliet. When Romeo is band from Verona, he helps him to see Juliet again. At the same time he tells the Capulet family that he will help out for Juliet's and Paris wedding, that never happens due to Juliet's fake death. He also helps Juliet, when she comes to see him, by making a scheme to fake her death so she will not have to marry Paris. He has been helpful to all in need in the story. I also think Juliet is some what courageous. She had the courage to take a drug she knew nothing about at the age of 14. The Friar is also very trustworthy because he kept the secret of their marriage away from everyone for a long time. He also did not tell anyone about Juliet coming to him to ask for help for a long time. Romeo and Juliet seemed to have trusted him right from the beginning so I'm guessing he has showed other signs of being trustworthy in the past. "Romeo! Humours! Madman! Passion! Lover! Appear though in the likeness of a sigh...I conjure thee by Rosalines bright eyes,By her high forehead and her scarlet lip, and the demesnes that there adjacent lie...".-Mercutio Mercutio is a kinsman to the prince and friend to Romeo. Mercutio is often interpreted as a comideian as you can see by the quote above. Although he is not a Capulet nor a Monatague he is a close friend to Romeo. Here is my opinian of his character. Mercuitio in my opinian is very brave. He shows his bravery in one scene when he take the challenge of fighting Tybalt away from Romeo. Mercutio could see that Romeo did not want to fight, so Mercutio took on the battle even though Mercutio knew that he could die while he was fighting Tybalt. This quite clearly shows his bravery. Mercutio also seems to be a loyal friend towards Romeo. Mercutio shows this by persuading Romeo to go to the Capulets party so that Romeo can find someone else and gets his mind off of Rosaline. This shows he is caring towards Romeo which is a characteristic of a loyal friend. Also the scene at which Mercuitio fights Tybalt for Romeo again shows his loyalty. Tybalt Tybalt is Juliets cousin and is very protective of his family. When it comes to the Montagues , all he seems to want to do is pick a fight. He has been probably deeply influenced by the long lasting feud and feels a unnecessary duty to protect the family. Here are some characteristics of Tybalt in my opinion. Benvolio is the nephew in the Montague family and a very close friend to Romeo. He is often caught in between trying to make Romeo forget about Rosaline and trying to keep peace between the 2 household feud. Here is my outlook on Benvolio. Benvolio seems to be a peace maker and a loyal friend throughout the story. In the beginning he always seems to be giving Romeo advice about Rosaline which shows he is a loyal friend.
"Do it by letting your eyes wander freely. Look at other beautiful girls."-Benvolio
After that he is caught trying to make peace between a fight with servants of the Capulets and Montagues. Both these scenerios prove he is a peace maker and a loyal friend. Tybalt, as any reader could see is very protective. When it comes to anyone being even a little threat to the family (e.g. the Montagues) he immediately is ready to pull out his sword. He also seems to always be craving to pick a fight with the Montagues. This leads to his aggression and I think the cause of this is because of the side affect of the long lasting feud between the 2 households. He is always hot on his toes, ready to protect the family. An example of this is when he tries to pick a fight with Romeo since he saw him at their party. Although Tybalt might seem like a hot head on the outside,on the inside he seems to be really caring. Many people might not notice right off the bat but all he wants to do is protect his family. From fighting Mercutio and killing him to the time of his death, he was always just trying to protect his family. He did not kill Mercutio purely because he hated him but because he felt his family might be in danger of him. Hard on the outside but soft on the inside! Tybalt also seems quite arrogant. His arrogance ultimitily lead to his death. He thought he could take on any challenge and win. But that was not the case, Tybalt was not as strong as he thought he was. Tybalt had a little too much confidence in himself. His arrogance was expossed when he always challenged the Montagues to fight as if he always thought he would win.
"Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries
That thou hast done me. Therefore turn and draw."-Tybalt Tybalt has showen that he is also very prejudiced. He is influenced by the Montagues and Capulets feud and does not even know the story of how it began. Tybalt is ready to kill any of the Montagues when he doesn't even know them personally. Tybalt in a way dies because of his prejudiced. Maybe if he got to know the Montagues he would not have wanted to fight them. My Personal
Connections Text to
self Text to
world Text to
text The Nurse is Juliets caretaker. Juliet's parents have chosen her to watch over Juliet as she grows up. Juliets nurse is clearly trust worthy. This showed to be a good thing and a bad thing through the story. You could see the nurse is trust worthy right from the beginning because you could see the Capulet's put all their trust in her to raise Juilet. Also in many scenes you can see that throughout Juilets problems she always went to consult with the nurse. This was the advantages of her trust worthiness. Although there was some disadvantages. Since her trust was so strong with the Capulet's, Juliet felt threatened to tell her nurse about the scheme to fake her death. She probably thought the nurse would tell the Capulet's considering she had such a strong relationship and trust bond with them. The nurse often comes up in the story as a comic and simple-minded. She does not take much seriously and tries not to stress her self out by using her comical side to give people a laugh in some sober times. Here is one of my favorite quotes that i find very comical is...

"I’ll lay fourteen of my teeth—and yet, to my teen be it spoken, I have but four—she is not fourteen."- Nurse There are many things that I can relate to Romeo and Juliet since I am getting older now and beginning to understand love, trust, and tragedy. Although It has not happened to me, a person that I have known that is a little bit older has gone through some tough love times. She fell in love with a boy her parents didn't approve of, and while she would sneak out to see him she realized she couldn't do it much longer because he would be moving to another country. She felt so heartbroken that she went through a long depression and is just now starting to regain herself. Although this is not the exact story of Romeo and Juliet , some things are alike. Like the fact that they fell in love with each other at a young age and their parents didn't approve of it. Or that love can easily bring tragedy's and unhappy endings. Although this is just one story, I have heard many more of the same context. Either way this knowledge of someone elses experiences triggers a connection to Romeo and Juliet for me. BY: I can relate Romeo and Juliet to the world because of how much people care about what other people think. In today's society, we usually lose thought of what we really want and begin to take other peoples opinions. The Capulet's didn't have a reason to hate the Montagues and the Montagues didn't have a reason to hate the Capulets. But because of society, and the pressure they felt to hate each other for no reason brought to their children's death. In real life often people hate other because "everyone else is doing it" or because "its always been like that". Most of these excuses often don't even make sense. This can relate to being a bully. They at first might be bullying as a joke but after a while , they get so far into bullying that they can't stop. It seems like society just expects them to be mean. Or in sometimes they are just intimidated by how people would see them if they let their guard down. Whatever the reason, it relates to Romeo and Juliet. Another thing I can relate to is how protective parents can be. Although it got lost in the story, Juliets parents only wanted the best for her when they were gonna force her to marry Paris. I can relate to this with my mom because sometimes my mom doesn't approve of some friends and recommends others for me. Sometimes I get mad because I don't understand why but then I realize its for my own good. This relates to the Romeo and Juliet story. A text to text connection I can make is with the Twilight Saga. Bella and Edward are 2 people that should not be together and their parents don't approve of each other (mostly Bella's). But they still pull through together because they love each other. Jacob seems also a lot like a Paris. He loves Bella but Bella does not like him. Bella's dad wants Bella to be with Jacob and not Edward. A part in the 2nd book connects to Romeo and Juliet immensely. Its when Edward leaves Bella because he has to go somewhere else. He then gets a fake message that Bella is dead when she really isn't. He goes off to kill himself because he can not take not being with Bella. The only difference is that Bella saves him from killing himself, which isn't the same case in Romeo and Juliet. This was Romeo and Juliet through my eyes. Hope you enjoyed it!!! :) Prologue:
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