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Motivational Leadership

Master's Class Lesson on Motivational Leadership

Chrissy Neese

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Motivational Leadership

Are you a leader??? Stand-Up Hand-Up Pair-UP 5 Steps to Motivational Leadership WORK ENVIRONMENT #1
Detached Business Motivational Leadership WORK ENVIRONMENT #2
Enclosed Building Credits Stand-up...and walk about...
Hand-up...sign you are available...
Pair-up...lock on to a partner, someone you have not spoken to one on one this quarter...

State to your partner...
*Your name
*Most memorable time you
led a person or a group... We know what we need to do... Set A Good Example ~ Be a Role Model -
Everyone has their eyes on you! 1. Be Fearless: Believe in what you do, what you need to do, and go for it. In reality knowing you have nothing to lose is a powerful tool! 2.
Vision: Leaders see the big picture and create a path to get there. 3.
Be the Driver:
Waiting for the world to come to you is not an option; encourage, coach, motivate, support, engage, and empower team members for overall success!!! 4. Grow Talent:
Locate talent, grow it to the expected level, and trust in the talent to do a good job. Train and create other leaders that will support you as you support them. 5. Self-Motivation
Someone needs to give you a reason or reminder to why you are to do what you do! Find motivation from within.
Ask WHY? We know why we need to do it... The question now is
HOW TO DO IT???!!!  Don’t Expect the Impossible
lifestyle and culture change ~
Ask WHY are they employed here and listen! What can you do to be a motivational leader in either of these business environments?
Be Fearless
State the vision
Be the driver
Grow your talent
Self -motivate Know the benefits (and Limits) of Technology ~
Connected 24/7 empower employees to work on their own, not under surveillance. Understand the Nuances of Managing Remotely ~ Face to Face is challenging enough, no body language makes it tough. Focus on Employee Happiness
Get to know them and listen! Celebrate Success
Activity Know your culture
Not everyone has the same skills, abilities, interests, talents... But all CAN be successful in a TEAM!!! Phone Activity Everyone can be a leader Yes ...you are a leader...
NOW GO and LEAD!!! Thank you! Facilitator...coach...listener...motivator...leader...friend...
A true motivational leader gets the job done! American Management Association.
How to Become a Motivational Leader
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Home Based Businesses on the Rise. Lessons to manage and motivate remotely.
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5 Basic Steps to Becoming a Great Leader
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