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The Dunbar Historic District of San Marcos

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Femi Omoni

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Dunbar Historic District of San Marcos

San Marcos' Dunbar Historic District
Dunbar Historic District
The Calaboose
- Built in 1873 as the first Hays County Jail
- Later became the designated jail for African-Americans; White prisoners were placed in a new jail
- Purchased by the city of San Marcos in 1885 and used as a rec center
- Used as a U.S.O. center for Black servicemen during WW2
- Turned into museum in 1997
The Calaboose (cont)
Ulysses Cephas
- Born in San Marcos as the son of former slaves

- Became a well respected blacksmith, owned his own shop

- Plans are to turn the house into a cultural and community center
- The Dunbar District helped to establish a community in San Marcos

- The city is making a concerted effort to preserve the history of the district
- Originally settled in 1880

- Following WW2, became home to most of San Marcos' African-American population
Wesley Chapel A.M.E. Church
- Founded in 1875
- Believed to be the oldest African-American congregation in San Marcos
- Operated a freedmen's school for former slaves and their children in 1870s
- Contines to support various community and charitable endeavors in San Marcos

- Future home of the Eddie Durham Jazz Park

- Named for Eddie Durham, jazz legend born in San Marcos in 1908
- Future home of the Dora Lee Brady Community Center

- Former church
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