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Leanna Line

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Shakesphere-prezi

Queen Elizabeth and
the Elizabethan Era By: Leanna Elizabeth-16th century 16th Century The 16th Century was a century to remember Poverty Torture and witch Prosecution Protestant Church Church has different beliefs Queen "There is only one Christ, Jesus and one faith Elizabeth created two different acts Many poor harvest Elizabeth used torture lots People didn't live in nice little houses To drink: ale, beer, milk and wine Peasant that couldn't People and spare time She was young.. Greatest know leader Born September 7, 1533 Anne Boleyn, second wife First wife, daughter Mary Pronounced as illegitimate Blessed with a son Edward King passed away Mary's next in line Elizabeth steps up 1553 Edward passed away Mary became Queen Tohmas Wyatt stated a rebellion People were against Spanish King Elizabeth has a part in it? Tower of London Rebellion happened Public announcement Uprising had many people Charged for the town Blocked the London Bridge Uprising taken down 15th, November 1533 January 15th, 1559 Scripture Justification by Faith Alone Universal Priesthood Elizabeth was supreme Governor Enhanced disagreement 1570, Jesuit defends Regnans In Excelsis Catholics and Jesuits looked as traitors Act of Supremacy Act of Uniformity If it wasn't for Elizabeth, religious war would have happened Elizabeth unfortunate country Country is indebted King Henry the 8th worst money manger 1520, spent everything he has Parliament came to the rescue Queen couldn't turn the country around Wars were costly Increase of population 'Land Inclosure' The poor acts were made Deserving poor Undeserving poor Deserving unemployed Science, Technology and Navigation Isacc Newton Galileo Galilei Thomas Harriot William Gilbert John Dee Sir Francis Drake Vesalius Harvey Any person who committed crime deserved it People hated witches Elizabeth had connections with witches Alone Had to grow their own food Family had chores Men's chores Women's Chores Food Depended on what crows you were with Noble and rich got to try exotic food Meat by the pound Exotic fruit Important bread Imported Simple Meals Lots of vegetables Homemade food Couldn't afford a drink... Everybody enjoyed fish Peasant Families vs. Noble and rich Average of 8 Only few Passed age of 5 16 and blessed Nobles had the easy road 'petty schools' Hornbooks Grammar schools Smartest of 15 Life was set out for them. Family farming/ Trade apprenticeship Nobles and Rich boys Days planned Run the entire Kingdom Noble Girl Combine families Taverns Made for drinking Church were against Illegal non-church
like actions Prohibited from it Gambling and its love Declared the act Henry the 7th beleifs violence and crime Popular games Mumming Tenes not Tennis Different badeball Different football Wrestling Quintain and Tilting Sword play Bowling Archery Hope you enjoyed the prezi! FUN FACTS Tennis balls were made form leather and hair Dice were made of bone, wood, silver and gold
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