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English Web 2.0 Lesson Plan

This is a student created lesson plan for English, which uses web 2.0 tools. The lesson plan engages students in collaborative, creative, and written assignments to learn about grammar, dialogue, and dramatic structure. Evan Hunter's "On the Sidewalk Blee

Nick Kowalski

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of English Web 2.0 Lesson Plan

Web 2.0 english lesson plan Objectives: Students will be introduced to the Post-Modern Era of American Literature Students will learn the importance of style, syntax, diction, and grammar. Students will collaborate with peers and educators in "web 2.0" projects. Students will listen to lectures AT HOME to reinforce the learning materials. Students will write essays analyzing works of literature and post to blogs. Students will read and analyize Evan Hunter's
"On the Sidewalk Bleeding." Weekend Before... Assign "On the Side Walk Bleeding"
for students to read. Have them highlight things they think are important in terms of plot, diction, style, sytnax, and grammar. They should have "rough" idea of what they would say in a response to an essay prompt on the story. Monday... Only things alowed on desks are... Technology device to write an essay... Highlighted copy of the story... And a piece of paper to jot down ideas. Evaluation Time! Hand out the essay prompt to the students Example Prompt 1: Write an essay which analyzes Hunter's use of style or syntax in "On the Sidewalk Bleeding." Example Prompt 2: Write an essay which analyzes the dramatic flow of "On the Sidewalk Bleeding." Once the prompt is handed out...write! Students will post essays to blogs and the teacher will put students in groups that will read and comment on each others' essays. Monday Night's Homework... Listen to recorded lecture regarding the use of past perfect tense. Lecture should be no longer than thirty minutes Recomend students to reread the story Students should make notes on the lecture. The notes should be added to their notebook on Evernote Tuesday... Entertain questions on lecture. Video Project Time! Put students into groups. Students will work on creating a video that shows their knowledge on past-perfect tense. How? Here's an example video that explains the difference between who and whom... Students will have that period to work on the video... But the video isn't due until next Monday... So students can collaborate outside the classroom to finish the video. Tuesday Night's Homework... Listen to lecture on dialogue. Takes notes on the lecture and post to Evernote notebook. Work on video project. Read other student's essay from Monday and comment on them. Wednesday... Entertain questions on lecture. I think you know
what time it is... Project Time! Students will work alone on this one. Create a dialogue...that's it. But! Remind students that the first word is key...CREATE! Dialouges should be original and creative. The dialouges can be in a story/poem that the student wants to write... Or can be theater-
based... Or can just be plan-old,
simple dialouge. It can be typed, recorded, or done in any format the student wishes. What would be another format? A video using puppets, household objects, or any prop where the props speak the dialogue... Or a Voice Thread using pictures and sounds to act out the dialogue... Or a cartoon/comic. Projects are due Monday. Wednesday Night's Homework... Listen to lecture on dramatic structure. Take notes on lecture and post to Evernote. Work on projects. Thursday... Entertain questions on lecture. Discussion time! Discuss: The importance of dramatic structure... The plot of the story... The character development of the story... And the student's opinons of the story. Thursday Night's Homework Reread the story. Study notes from the lectures. Prepare for a test. Work on projects. Friday... Test Time! Test will be on the story, past perfect tense, dialogue, and dramatic structure. If a student finishes early, he/she can work on his/her projects...alone. When everyone finishes, students can get into groups to work on projects.
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