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Harness the Power of Your Team with Visualization

Help your team turn vision into action

Tracey Levasseur

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Harness the Power of Your Team with Visualization

Are you ready for an exciting journey?
Will it work for my group?
Yes! A picture is worth a thousand words! By using
you will stimulate the collective passion of your team and focus them on a common goal – you can’t fix what you can’t see
What can I expect as a result?
Consensus is a natural outcome from
. When your team has the ability to “see” and share their ideas collectively, it allows consensus to be built on what can be achieved.
The end goal is to move your team to ACTION!
By allowing your team to
a problem to a consensus-based outcome, you’ve just given them the fundamental tools they need to create an actionable plan.
By using
, you can harness the knowledge and passion of your team quickly, create a common vision built on consensus resulting in an action plan that will

To learn more...
email us at
How is it done?
A graphic facilitator captures the energy and ideas of the group visually which becomes the roadmap for their ideas to take shape into action.

What can I expect as a result?
Those are great questions, let me tell you a
bit more!

check us out at
TEDx Manitoba 2012
Change Management
Re-using the visuals is a great first step in your change management plan as well as giving the rest of the organization a clear picture of what you and your team intend to achieve and how it will affect them!
Will it work for my group?
How is it done?
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